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@cerinthe Here's another to tempt you - BAOBAB oil!  Honestly one of the very best IMO.  


I love  Marula oil !  It not only absorbs well it has Antimicrobial properties so it doesn't cause blemishes.  


Thanks for for the recommendation for Tsubaki oil.  I'll be hunting through Amazon for this one next.  


Have you a preference for cleansing oil?  Pure camellia oil is much too viscous.  Diluting with rice bran oil seems counterproductive and I'm not willing to try marula oil until my backup supplies arrive. 

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@twinkies wrote:

What is the best place to buy Marula oil?


Shea Terra Organics is an excellent site for high-quality oils, Marula included.

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Woah a plethora of info here thank so much...Smiley Very Happy

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@suzyQ3 wrote:

@twinkies wrote:

What is the best place to buy Marula oil?


Shea Terra Organics is an excellent site for high-quality oils, Marula included.

@suzyQ3....that is where I get mine from. I love Marula oil. I use the Marula Beauty Milk on my face and neck area every day. My makeup goes on very nicely over it.

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Hi @CoG !! I tried Baobob oil waaay back when it was first carried by Shea Terra Organics (and I think she still does.) I don't remember writing any extensive notes about it though, but I know I didn't hate it.  I wish I could get ALL the oils, and will relook at Baobob again! I need to use up what I have, then watch out Smiley Happy 


I don't use a cleansing oil at this time - however Chidoriya (the brand I'm obsessed with now, since January or so this year, and I'm here to post an update on my Tsubaki oil use, aka: Camellia Seed oil,... they have a cleansing balm AND a cleansing oil! 


Their cleansing oil is made with Grapeseed oil (light!) and Jojoba oil (which is actually a liquid wax and very close to the same chemical composition of our own skin oil, I get mine inexpensively at Trader Joe's and health food stores carry it too. Also, Chidoriya sells their own jojoba oil separately too.) 


So maybe try a combo of jojoba oil and grapeseed oil - for grapeseed oil, try a health food store or a GOOD seller from amazon or ebay... many of the oil sellers will cut or sell the incorrect oil for more money, so be careful what seller you use!) 


Chidoriya's cleansing oil adds some essential oils (lavendar, geranium, rosemary, pal Marisa, may hang, benzoin, cedar wood, grapefruit seed (preservative,))  to their cleansing oil, but still keeps it very simple. I actually have added just a little to my bath water and it makes for a light, heavenly scent without getting the tub too oily. (Little! Like a capful of the 'travel bottle' size - ) And I will add it to a neutral body cream (like some shea butter creams I have from Shea Terra Organics,) to add some scent and enrich it.


Also, that cleansing oil is PART OF their 'sample kits' which come in four varieties! Its made of four items: A cleansing soap (either the azuki sugar glycerine or the rice bran white soap,) their peach moon 'toner' (which is spectacular, and I am NOT a toner person, see my previous review of chidoriya,) and the cleansing oil (same for all kits,) and a choice of moisturizer, either the "geiko" or "mako" (I use the simple geiko one! LOVE.) 


And that goes for about $22- $25. Mine lasted about 3 weeks. I highly recommend these 'try me' kits to try the line. 


Chidoriya's cleansing balm is hard to find in stock, and also comes in a smaller sample size: "Yuzu seed cleansing balm" and I've tried it and like it better than ITs Cosmetics cleansing balm. The Chidoriya Yuzu balm is made up of: olive oil, grapeseed oil, yuzu seed oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils of grapefruit, orange, bergamot, lavendar, tangerine, chamomile, lemongrass, clary sage. No stabilizers and no emulsifiers, so the shea butter MIGHT get a touch 'grainy' feeling if kept too cold - don't be surprised. It was fine at room temp in my house! The grainy shea butter melts at body temp, as does the whole cleanser. Smiley Happy 


I'm still a HUGE fan of the Chidoriya Tsubaki oil (their Camellia seed oil) which is from a traditional hand pressed facility. I have gone through half a bottle of the less expensive one, and I really feel without a doubt that chidoriya has the superior product. I'll be buying their exclusively in the future.  My hands and nails have never grown so fast or been as resilient as they are when I just use a little camellia seed oil every night before bed. Its crazy. 


Thank you for the suggestion! I have a HUGE wish list coming up for Shea Terra Organics, but I have to finish what I got for now!