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i have fine below chin length hair and boy does it tangle even after using a conditioner when I get out of the shower.  If you have fine hair you know how it tangles.  I am concerned that I am damaging my wet hair trying to remove the tangles.  I used to use Wen and didn't have this problem, but I did not get the cleansing results so I gave up.  Any suggestions on a detangler or cleansing system that works for tangled hair?

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I have shoulder length, very fine hair. For years I've used and loved Miracle 7 Leave-In Mist. Spray a small amount on wet hair and instamagically -- no tangles! Also gets rid of frizz, adds shine, etc. And has no lingering scent. Great stuff.

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This product I use is not labeled as a detangler, but it works for me to detangle my wet out of the shower hair.


Suave Volume Luxe Style Infusion.  Gold plastic pump bottle found at "W" for under $6.  My hair is not fine, but I have alopecia, so I love that when blow dryed I get some extra volume.  HTH

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Are you using a leave-in conditioner? If not, try that. You can try a little of whatever conditioner you currently use and don't need to buy a special leave-in. Add it to soaking wet hair to water it down some.



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I have thin, fine, poker straight hair that is also chin length.  I cannot use a traditional conditioner because then I can't get my hair to do anything.  However, because I blow dry and flat iron my hair I need to use something and it's a tangled mess when I get out of the shower.


My absolute favorite product is Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment.  It is a conditioner and detangler together.  


I made the mistake of straying from this for awhile to try Tres Semme Split-end Mender and my hair was horrible.  The ends were so dry and damaged they were breaking off around my face. 


I know Pantene makes just a spray detangler but again for me, I need a conditioner and my hair was a mess just using a detangler.   

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I have fine hair and am a Wen user. I color my hair so I still get a few tangles. I use the Infusium leave in conditioner on the ends or if I have a messy tangle. Works for me.  

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I was using "Johnson's No More Tangles" on the granddaughters hair and it worked so well...I now use it....Smiley Very Happy

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The Watermelon and Apple WEN Kids Detangling Treatment Spray, 6 oz. on this QVC website are what I use. I have super curly hair, and after spraying this, a wide-toothed comb goes through with no problems!

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OHHHHH  at Sallys beauty supply i purchased one n' only argan oil treatment spray and it is DEVINE!!!! it smells great and the argan oil detangles and hair feels fuller too

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it's a 10. That's what's it's called. I just bought it at my salon. It works really, really well, and smells great!