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Re: Let me tell you a secret

True. This has been a known fact for a long time. It's why I started wearing spf50 daily decades ago. It's also why I have tinted windows and no sunroof (sunroof bleaches color unless you have one with an attachment that covers it completely- I do); every bit helps with sun damage.


Ageing is the same on both sides of my face.

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Re: Let me tell you a secret

Though it is true that most American drivers have more damage on the left side of their face, I don't think that's why the vendors apply to the right side.  Vendors almost ALWAYS stand to the right of the host and model and, therefore, they are already on that side.  This happens on most programs, even if they are not beauty related.  It would be awkward for them to step between the host and the model.  If the left side was always avoided, why is it that the left side of the model's face is always the "after" in the photo pairs?  In our country, we read left to right and therefore are used to tracking left to right, hence the left to right positioning of "before" and "after" photos.