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On 3/16/2015 ElvisShops said:

I liked the makeup except the mascara. I can't believe anyone would want to pile on that much mascara. The models looked like they had clumpy, wet, sticky eyelashes. Yuck. Most mascara demos from all companies are just dreadful. I would be afraid my eyelashes would stick together when I blinked.

When this mascara was first introduced a few years ago, it was recommended that you don't pile lots of layers. Simply use the curved side first and then reverse the brush for the second coat. Also told not to redip the brush. By doing that, it has worked beautifully for me.

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On 3/17/2015 Hoovermom said:
On 3/17/2015 vaccinia said:

I finally caught a presentation last night and was very, very tempted, but then I remembered that there's no way I would get the results the makeup artist did. All of the products were gorgeous, but I couldn't justify spending $80 on cosmetics right now.

Hopefully they have included a step-by-step instructions for the eyeshadows. The mascara if bought separately would be $28 so I hit the button. For comparison sake I was looking at the Becca eyeshadow pallet on HSN and it was $34, so 28 + 34 = $62 for those two items alone. Does it sound like I am justifying my purchase LOL?????

It's a really beautiful collection. I'm sure you will love it and I will probably be kicking myself next week when I read the reviews!

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Picked up the TS and went to Nordy's at lunch and purchashed foundation and powder and GWP! Very pretty!
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Awesome Fifi!!! I am going to counter this weekend to pick up some cream AND the GWP!!!!

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On 3/17/2015 Cheezit said:

Erica, if you love Lancôme, that eye shadow palate that you described is one of the choices in the GWP at Nordstroms starting tomorrow. You can pick a cool or warm eye shadow palate, amongst other goodies, I bet you could check it out on-line.....

Thanks Cheezit I will check it out at Nordstroms. I love their GWP, they have the best GWP's and they are not stingy with the products.