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I pretty much don't give a rat's-------backside-------about anything any of the Kartrashians do or say or think!!  

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It makes no sense that it would take 8 hours to have her roots touched up.

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She is hiding her chin. Recent unedited photos show she did some kind of surgery to make her chin jut out.  Very unnatural but nothing on her seems natural. 

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She definitely damaged her hair but she knew that was going to happen when she bleached.  Her hair grows fast.  It will bounce back with treatment and trims.  

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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

She should quit trying to be someting she is not.....go natural and see what happens.



She knows what would happen.  She wouldn't make any money...


She makes money by making people watch her.  If she looked like everyone we wouldn't watch.

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Ooooh .. whoa is me ....

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@lgfan wrote:
I see this as a set-up for a new hair care line from her.

@lgfan That was exactly my thoughts-set up for a new hair care line. You know Strike while the Iron is hot!!! Lol..

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@colliemom4 wrote:

It makes no sense that it would take 8 hours to have her roots touched up.

@colliemom4  I said 6, not 8, but if it took 14 hours to do all her hair for the Mairlyn Monroe blonde, why would it not make sense for it to take 6 or even 8 hours to do her roots?  It's the same process, just less hair to bleach.  You have to painstakingly part each small section.  And it has to be done more than once.  You can't go from black to blonde in one application, so it has to be done 2 or 3 times to get it that light. It takes me 3 hours to do everything I do to do my roots, and I'm just coloring, not bleaching.  Also, doesn't include drying time.

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Wonder why she just didn't wear a wig.  I'm sure she has the choices of many professional, real looking wigs.


It's not worth it ruining your own hair for something like this.  

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Is a special kind of "hell" (to me) that I'm glad I dont have to experience. 

   Namely, looking, behaving, acting,  "perfect," "camera-ready," all the time.  Yikes!