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Daily Mail:

Kim Kardashian reveals her REAL hair after that 14-hour bleach blonde dye-job for Marilyn Monroe 'do and Years of Extensions.


Kim Kardashian shows fans her real hair in TikTok with daughter North


Kim gave her fans a rare glimpse of her natural hair — on TikTok. The scene was shot before she changed her hairstyle for her family’s Christmas party.


The reality star's real hair - without extensions, wigs or styling - looked much thinner and drier than normal.





Big difference: Her wet hair looked to be slightly damaged from multiple dye-jobs and a far cry from her natural glossy raven locks.


Kim Kardashian reveals her natural hair on TikTok

Kim Kardashian seemingly happy for Kanye West as he finds new match for  himself


Kim Kardashian shares glimpse of her natural hair without extensions


The 14-hour transformation: Kim dyed her hair platinum blonde in May last year to fully resemble Marilyn Monroe, as she wore her dress to the Met Gala


Kim dyed her hair platinum blonde in May last year to fully resemble Marilyn Monroe, as she wore her dress to the Met Gala.


After debuting her lighter locks, Kim detailed the transformation to Vogue the same month.


She explained: 'I did want a physical change, too, so I thought I would wait and do it for this, so I'm spending a day straight dyeing my hair — 14 hours straight! — to get it done.












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She is brave to show her real hair but it has been destroyed. 

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She should quit trying to be someting she is not.....go natural and see what happens.

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Ho hum. Does she think we care? LOL.

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That doesn't even look like her in the pics without all the makeup. It also looks like she's trying to hide something with her hands.  


I saw a re-run of a clip of her on Kelly & Ryan during the Christmas break.  She had the long blonde hair with the dark roots.  She mentioned she really needed to get the roots done and that it was 6 hours in the chair to do it.  The blonde was not as severe as the Marilyn Monroe look though.

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It's nice to know something about her is natural.

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Re: Kim K's Real Hair

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The upkeep for "these types" must be exhausting. 

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Nothing better to do than to post and look at pics of yourself....what a life. Exhausting.

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I guess she should count herself lucky she has any hair left at all.

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14 hours away from her children at their very important ages. Not to perform life-saving surgery or adding to anyones life of any importance. Not even for something that is mandatory for a job...but to color her hair in a garish fashion statement. 


She is so far gone as far as reality goes, wow.