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Does anyone know when the next Josie-Maran TSV is?


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Re: Josie Maran TSV

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Just checked peacemanor blogspot site & it does not show a TSV for Josie in the month of April.

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thank you

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@Blondie11z  Probably in about five minutes.

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@Leggett28   I was going to say 3...

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@@Blondie11z wrote:

Does anyone know when the next Josie-Maran TSV is?


@Blondie11z  .... sorry, don’t take this the wrong way but, are you a glutton for punishment? 😂🤣

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Don't know if you were just trying to get a rise out of everyone or if you are serious, but I love Josie Maran products and always look forward to checking on her TSV when she has one.  You know the Josie haters are actively seeking out any opportunity to bash her, even though her products are purer than most.  


I wish I could tell you when her next TSV will be, but I don't watch the Q or keep up with it very often.   

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@Blondie11z  I don't know about a NEW TSV but if you're in the market for a great Josie Face Care Kit (which I'm still getting on Auto Delivery) it has full sizes of Milk, Oil & Mascara. Also a super size Face Butter.  Last time I looked it was still available for a few $$ more ($80?) than I'm paying for my A-D.  I think these products are the Bomb and the Kit's supply lasts many moons.