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It Cosmetics - Confidence in a Compact

I was so in love with It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact.    I wish they would bring this product back!    Does anyone else miss it?   I've looked on other websites and it doesn't appear they make it any more.


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Re: It Cosmetics - Confidence in a Compact

I MISS IT!  IT was my favorite of all the IT foundations!  I can think of others that should have been discontinued instead.

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Re: It Cosmetics - Confidence in a Compact

I desperately miss it too!  When I heard it was discontinued, I quickly purchased two back ups. (One here and one on ebay)  One is still unopened - I'm saving it for travel (hopefully this year!).


It was so easy to put on, didn't settle in creases, covered nicely and was extremely portable.  It didn't have to be in the 'liquids' pouch at the airport, either. Seems to me it was discontinued right after the company was sold.  


I've spent way too much money trying to find an acceptable alternative.  My stash of foundations is embarassing!  The one I've found l like the most is the Tarte Foundcealer.  The one thing I hate is that it's a liquid instead of the compact.


I haven't checked on ebay lately to see if there are any new in box remaining, but should do that.  

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Re: It Cosmetics - Confidence in a Compact

I love it too!  Due to Covid, my stash from the Nordstrom sell off is still on hand.....but wish they would bring it back.  I loved how great it was to travel with and of course the great coverage that did not settled into my eye wrinkles!