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I use the Beekman 1802 wipes. $21 for 120 wipes and sometimes they offer mixed fragrance packs. I have a bottle of miceller water which I paid $5 for but yeah what is it exactly?

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@Chi-town girl, wonder if these will be in the IT TSV in March.

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@Blingqueen023, Skinn is my favorite too. I purchased the 4 pack last month so that should last me awhile.

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@Chi-town girlwrote:


I received and email from IT about their new Bye Bye make up removing micellar wipes.  There are 25 in the package for $14.  I ordered them to give them a try,  There was one review that was very good. 

There is a wide variety of facial cloths.  Personally, I would not use a baby wipe on my face. The Costco brand which us a dupe of Ponds wipes causes a stinging feeling, so I stopped using them several years ago.


No need to try to shame anyone for how we spend our $$$$$$ - if I want to spend $14 on facial cloths,  I will and I won't warn others/cringe thinking about the chemicals, animal testing etc that are associated with the 'cheap' wipes that others choose to use 




Developed with plastic surgeons, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup Micellar Wipes feature the benefits of your best-selling Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm - packed into perfectly portable, disposable wipes! With just one wipe, you can treat your skin to a hydrating, sulfate-free micellar cleanser, purifying instant makeup remover and anti-aging serum. Infused with proprietary Skin-Softening Serum Concentrate, these revolutionary wipes soothe and refresh while removing all traces of makeup. Your skin is left feeling clean, hydrated and soft. Gentle enough for your delicate eye area and even the most sensitive skin, Bye Bye Makeup Micellar Wipes are your must-have for at home - and on the go!

Clinically tested results!
  • 100% showed improved skin hydration*
  • 100% said it removed all traces of makeup*
  • 100% said their skin felt purified and clean*
  • 100% said their skin was soft and smooth*

@Chi-town girlI totally agree with you!! I can't imagine using baby wipes on my face. I have Skinn & Purity facial wipes that I really like.  I wanted to try IT's facial wipes.  I have tried some of the cheaper ones and had a nasty reaction to it.  I will review them when I get it.  Smiley Happy

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FYI the Philosphy Purity facial wipes have a warning not to use near eyes. What? Purity can be used to remove eye makeup. What the heck did they put in the wipes that you can’t use near eyes?


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If these worked as well as the bye bye mamsup in a jar I would defintly try them. It would be easier then sticking your finger in a jar. But that stuff works so well.

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I would love to try these since I use facial wipes everyday.  Not sure if I could afford to buy them often for the price since I use face wipes 2x a day.  I use 3 brands that I switch back and forth like Simple wipes to Neutrogena (probably my fave) and sometimes CeraVe.