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I tried two of the It foundations. They both made me look older, my skin was dry and it settled into my pores which are not bad. The color didn't work for me either. Their product that I really like is, their matte bronzer. I have been using it for years. Looks like you have a little tan. Not heavy on the pigmentation. My husband always compliments me when I wear the bronzer. The name has changed. I think it's now called Sunshine In A Compact. The other 2 products from that line that I like are the Tightline Mascara and the Under Eye Concealer. The Mascara is not heavy and also not too light. Like the Mama Bear would say, "Just Right".

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Exactly what foundation is the OP talking about.  I hear them use the phrase "your skin only better" with just about every foundation or product they sell. 


I have used the CC cream and the CC cream Illumination and I'm fine with both. They aren't my product of choice but I do like them.  I've never tried any of the other foundations.


I have skin that leans towards dry and I had no problem with the CC cream in either form being drying.   

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I bought the two compact set with brush, and it's ok. The brush makes my skin it if I press too hard. The powder foundation doesn't cover as well as I had hoped. How come they show it covering rosasea and dark spots, yet my lighter issues don't get much at all? I kept it but win't buy again when there are less expensive powder foundations out there.


It does seem like IT sends a different product than what they demonstrate on air.  The difference is night and day.

         That was my question as well.  I don't have rosaea or very dark spots. A few freckles on the nose but it didn't even come close to covering those (?)  I havn't been impressed with any of their products.

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I bought this 2 set 50SPF celebration foundation + brush on AD when it was the TSV. I am cancelling the AD because it's just "meh" and to me not worth the $$. The brush that came with the set is most definitely one of problems. It is terrible for applying this foundation. I use the rose looking brush which is much denser that I received with their holiday TSV last year and it gives much better coverage. I use the brush that came with this set for applying touch-ups with BE mineral veil because that is all it's good for. The texture of this powder is super dry, much drier than the celebration illumination foundation I used (and loved) previously, and it is also developing little crusty bits on the surface probably from my primer (kind of gross). It also settles into fine lines so I have to be super careful about blending and who has time for all that? This is not a "throw on in 30 seconds!" foundation. At least not for me. Finally, the fair shade is definitely darker than the celebration illumination version. I have to mix it with Laura Gellar fair (which is a tad too light) to find my match.


IMO, this does not live up to any of its claims. If I'm not super careful with the blending it looks terrible and mask-like. I'm 47 with some fine lines and just want something that goes on quick and evens out my skintone without making me look older. This foundation is not that something!

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I'm certainly not a fan of most IT cosmetics items.  That being said, I do love the CC cream, and I like most of the foundations except for perhaps one.  I also like the Superhero mascara.


The rest of the products don't work for me.  I don't like the lipsticks or the eye pencils or that original mascara.  The eye pencils dry out fast.  I also feel as if their skincare has an excessive amount of unnecessary ingredients.  Some of the ingredient decks appear to have 100 different items in them for one product. 

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I do not care for IT cosmetics either.  Tried it serveral times.  This last time, I bought the products at ULTA.  When I returned them, the girl couldn't believe I didn't like them and said she has never had anyone return them before.  They really tout that brand there.