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Re: I want to try using contour makeup

Like @monicakm, I go lightly with contouring because I don't want to look muddy.  My most recent contouring product that I love & I have coined "contouring for dummies", a.k.a., me, is e.l.f.'s putty bronzer (I have the Tan Lines color).  It looks so natural on my light/medium w/cool undertones skin tone.  I apply it with my double-ended IT Cosmetics brush (the one that came with their most recent TSV).  I highly recommend this putty bronzer!




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Re: I want to try using contour makeup

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@Icegoddess   Good choice. I use that stick, too. I find the stick the easiest to use although I rarely contour.


What looks good in the makeup mirror can appear overdone in the natural light. I reserve contour for special occasions. I also pinpoint certain areas: lightly under jowl area, not the entire jawline, maybe forehead hair line if not wearing bangs and a bit starting at hair line at my cheeks and only going forward an inch and blend. Too much contouring IMO can make the face look gaunt especially too much in hollow of cheeks & temples where we begin to lose volume.


Contouring is going "out" as a more natural makeup look is requested unless for print ads or maybe brides going to be photographed...even then brides are hesitant to look too made up and ask for a more natural makeup.