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I have always had nice, dark, think, well-shaped eyebrows. I am in my 60's and the past six months or so they have become brittle and the hairs go straight up. I used Mally's brow gel until it was all gone and have not been able to find it again. I have tried hair conditioner, vaseline, hairspray, etc. Nothing helps. I tried trimming them and it looks ridiculous because they stick straight up, only shorter. They feel like wire. My hair stylist told me it is "just due to age". Small consolation since she had no suggestions. 

Counting on one of you beauty mavens to help!

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Try applying castor oil with your fingertip or a q tip each night before you go to bed.   Wonderfully hydrating and nourishing to eyebrows! 

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i have that too, but only on one eye brow. I call it my old man eyebrow. I trim it down, when it gets too spikey. I haven't found anything that will make it behave, all day.

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@Trailrun23   The best brow gel I've found is Benefit. They are know for their brow products...pencils and gels.


If you need something stronger, Anastsia Beverly Hills makes a product called Brow Freeze...a brow gel/sculpting wax in a pot. 


Hope that helps.

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Re: Help me with my brows!

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If you get your eyebrows waxed, you can get a "template" so to speak, to follow when keeping your brows in good shape.  The woman that does my brows does a great job and trims them much, much better than I do.  It buys me some time before having the brows go bonkers again.  I just keep up with them as long as I can and then see her again.  Trimming is much harder than it sounds.

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I, too, have to trim my eyebrows at least once a week!  I found Westmore Beauty Brow is the very BEST!  It tames them down all day.  After you apply, you must use a brush --- like a mascara wand---to comb thru them.  Perfection!  

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@Trailrun23 , got mine microbladed...the BEST THING IVE DONE!!  I wake up with brows!! I cannot tell you how it lifts and awakens the whole face.  Soooo happy I've done this.  I had 2 touch ups the first 2 I haven't had to do anything for over 2 1/2 years...still there.  If anything,  I'll go have a few strokes put in, to freshen the look, and looks exactly like hairs.  I don't need any pencils, or products.

I will add, before I did microblading, i only liked Avon Brow pencils.

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I have never had to color my brows. They are very dark and only had one white crazy hair last year and i just tweezed it out. No more after that. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. A few of them sound similar to the one Mally had and must have

discontined. I am glad to know at least one of you have had the same issue with your brows and it isn't just me. 

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The only thing that has helped me was going to a place and getting them to work on them for me.  I haven't gone for a while but I need to, as they are all wonky again.  As you have posted, I have several eyebrow hairs that grow very long and they are wiry and go all over the place.  If I try and trim them, they stand up and still look strange.  Not to mention, since my brows have gotten very light and sketchy in places, I have no idea of the real shape of them.  At least when I go to a brow place, they can get them in a sort of shape and then darken them a bit so I can actually SEE them.  Then, it's easier to follow the shape they have created and they actually have sorted out a lot of the really bad hairs, as well.  I go to the benefit bar, but you could go to any place that does brows.  They could even recommend products to help you color in and control your brows as much as possible, too.  Good luck!  

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