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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

Never. I always go to a salon to have it trimmed. Salons were only closed a couple months during Covid, so I didn't have to go long between cuts. 

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

Yes, the back is the most difficult. At times I have parted my hair down the middle in the back, and trimmed one side, then the other. My hair is not thick, but substantial, so for me, I have to also trim in sections.


Sometimes, too, it works better if I start with the top layers. Sometimes, works better if I cut dry hair.


I would rather go to a professional, but they are not always reliable. And I have to wait to see them. Also, expensive does not always equal perfection.

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

I started cutting my husband's hair during the pandemic and he cuts mine.  I retired during the pandemic and there was less pressure for my hair to be perfect as I was no longer seeing clients, giving presentations, etc.  My husband does a great job!  I have a longer shaggy pixie cut with lots of layers.  We use a device from Amazon (CombPal) for my cut.


I also color my hair now- love Madison Reed kits.  I do miss highlights, not attempting those!  Does my hair look quite as polished as it did before?  No, but it looks pretty darn good.  People cannot believe that my husband does it.  LOL he is really proud, so I would totally hurt his feelings if I switched back to a salon.  I cannot complain about the money I am saving either.  My hair color is about $20 and my cut is free.  Pre-pandemic my hair was being cut, colored, and frequently highlighted every 6 weeks to the tune of about $120 each time.


My stylist never skipped a beat either.  I was one of her first customers that supported her when she was new and she never even reached out to see if we were OK.  So nothing lost there!

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

Yes, I cut my own hair using one of those hair-cutting guide clip on tools. My hair is one length and long so it's not that difficult to do. : Original CreaClip Set Hair Cutting Tool - As Seen on Shark  Tank - DIY Home Hair Cutting Clips for Bangs, Layers, and Split Ends, Hair  Cutting Guide (Set of 2) :

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

I trim my hair between salon haircuts.  Bangs are easy since I can easily see them.  Around the ears is where it gets tricky.  I have short hair so looking in a mirror while trying to cut can easily go wrong.


Best to cut a little at a time.  You can cut more later if needed.

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

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Not only do i not cut my own hair, it's the one beauty service I will not skimp on.

I go to a cosmetology school for color, highlights, blowout, keratin, mani, etc, but a really good cut is always worth the spend. A woman who owns a salon cuts my hair.

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

@Lilysmom1 wrote:

I cut my hair and DH's as well during COVID shutdown.  I bought a kit at Costco and watched some YouTube videos.  I was happy to give the job back to my hairdresser but can now trim if I need to myself.  In fact, I just did my bangs last week.  Necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes!  


So true!  Not only did I learn to trim my hair, I taught myself to do excellent manicures and pedicures.  Id already given up fake nails years ago buy I still spent $$ in the nail shop every two weeks.  They also did my eyebrows which I learned to do myself from a friend.  Sure, I'm saving a lot of money but more importantly, I'm saving time.  All those ours now belong to me!


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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

I just wear my hair at shoulder length and straight across.. no layers. I cut it myself every couple of months  a couple of inches to trim the ends... no need to pay a hairdresser $100 and a tip to do what I can do for free.  I have white silver hair( the pretty silver) so no need to worry about coloring it.

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

 I've cut and colored my own hair for about 25 years.

Its in a bob now but will be shorter in the Summer.

   I'd never be able to cut it without my trifold bathroom mirror, plus a hand held mirror to really see the back.

    I use really good scissors or a razor. 
 The only time I had trouble cutting it was when I broke my right wrist and had to use the left hand with right handed scissors but I did it!

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

@AngelPuppy1 wrote:

No way!!!  Years ago I attempted to just trim my bangs -- simple, right?  Ha -- not for me.  I got one side way shorter than the other and kept trying to get both sides the same -- it was terrible.  I am very low maintenance and do just about everything myself - but I will leave hair cutting to a salon!  

Me too!  I ended up with bangs that looked like the ones I had in third grade.