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Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

For some time now, I've been so tempted to start cutting my own hair, (esp during/since COVID, with lost, closed/ businesses, (like my fomer hairdresser))


My hair grows like a weed. But I still have *very thin, *very baby fine hair.


.. I whacked it off when it grew quite long, all the way down my back .. & I mean whacked!  I grabbed long ponytails and whacked!  Then I "evened it out." 

..  LOVED how it flowed, toustled, and blew with the wind.  Was much cooler in the summer also.  And I think i looked younger with short hair.


But I didnt keep it trimmed, while short, after my infamous "whacking," & now I'm afraid to cut it again, because I think the cut might be more than a trim, by now.   

... I'd like to keep it short. (And don't really have someone to help with the back cut, or even difficult places, (w/o pestering some one, like some unsuspecting neighbor)

.. I have the electric hair cutter set with attachments... 

....... I just don't have the courage, or a plan!


BTW ...   I just came across this online article.. doesnt seem like it helps me much tho-->

 "How to cut your own hair at home: the ultimate guide for all hair lengths"  (found in:   Stylist dot co dot uk   )


Any "helps?  ? videos?  .. instructions?


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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

@ShoppingHere I began cutting my own hair during the lockdown. I am still doing it. My hair is an undercut somewhere between chin and shoulder length depending on how often it is cut. I should disclose my hair is very thick, so mistakes don't show so much.


There is a tool (but I lost the name) that someone mentioned in a previous post. It holds your hair in position and you cut using it as a guide. You might do a google search and find it. It looks like a large, flat clip.



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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

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I haven't been to a salon since Fall 2019. My hair is fairly thick with a tad of natural curl; I let it go grey a dozen years ago. I invested in hair cutting shears, thinning shears and a CreaClip cutting template (2 pieces of plastic with very short teeth and a hinge on one side and a fastener on the other)all from Amazon. I wash my hair,part it, comb it apply template, slide it down my hair with amount I want cut showing. DH cuts it in less than 5 minutes and it is perfect every time.  If I want to have layers, I twist A small amount of hair and clip thinning shears once or twice. I like my hair past my shoulders.

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

I'm wearing a COVID haircut right now (self-cut) but it's uneven and need to be tidied up so I think I'm going to hit the reset button and get it cut at the salon.

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?


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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

I've been cutting my hair at home since Covid but honestly, mixed results. I start with a trim rather than going all in! 😉


Honestly, having fun with the Pandemic Ponytail. So much so that I bought some seriously nice real silk scrunchies on Etsy.  


I do wear it up in a clip for Zoom Meetings but I may try the Messy Bun look. 


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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

I never missed a salon appointment even during Covid. My friend cut and colored my hair during the one month she had to close. No way would I cut my own hair. It would be a disaster. 

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?


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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

I cut and color my hair since the pandemic started. I actually like it better than when my hairdresser of 22 years did it. She always cut my layers shorter than I liked. Highlights were good though.

My highlights are heavier since I do it, like it is almost totally bleached. I have naturally darker blond hair, so it is not hard to bleach. 


My hair cut is a bob and I use hair shears.


It isn't easy to do either, cut or highlight, and it isn't perfect, but it is ok. I don't know if I will ever go back to the salon


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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

I would love to be able to cut my own hair but it's super choppy and layered.  I however cut my own bangs using the "twist" method and then point cut the ends.  Even when I go for a cut I tell my stylist I'll take care of my bangs.