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Re: Foundation that stays put under surgical mask?

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I've always wondered why hospitals aren't run like high tech cleanrooms. When I worked in the semiconductor industry wearing cosmetics was not allowed in the fab. I would think they'd want a similar environment in the OR. Staff scrubs in before the operation and everything is clean and precise. When I had surgery a few years ago I was told not to wear contacts or makeup. I would think the medical team would be held to the same standards.

That said, I was a nursing student up until last spring and now I work as an RN. Some wear cosmetics, some don't. I do in my area because it's a psych unit -- a much different environment than, say, Med-Surg or ICU.

But I keep it minimal: Lumene BB cream, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm. If I knew I'd be wearing a mask, I'd skip the makeup entirely.


Best of luck on the NCLEX! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

You were asked to not wear makeup or wear nail polish, as it can interfere with the ability to care for you.


When you have surgery, you are given a cocktail of medications to put you under.  One of them is a medication that causes drying of the eyes.  If you use mascara it can get on your cornea, which now that your eyes are dry, can cause corneal scratching.


Nail polish can interfere with the use of a pulse oximiter- the little device that goes on your finger to check oxygenation.  


Facial makeup can give a false idea as to what the patient's coloration is.  It is very important to see if the patient has lost color in their face or their face has become red.



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Re: Foundation that stays put under surgical mask?

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Nurse here and hands down MAC Face & Body. A water based foundation.  It will also last most of the day for those long shifts ahead in your future. It is also can be layered hours after its first application. Meaning if it is a long day you can put on another layer over the older layer with no problem and you don't need a primer with it. Excellent foundation and it is very unique it how it doesn't come off, doesn't at all transfer and can be layered hours later. 

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Re: Foundation that stays put under surgical mask?

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On 4/4/2014 ennui1 said:

Stop wearing makeup?

Since you're a nursing student ... at some point, you'll get over the vanity aspect and concentrate on the OR patient.

When my mom was in ICU, none of the nurses wore makeup.

and when my son was dying in the trauma care unit after his accident in Nov, every RN I encountered was wearing makeup. Should I now wonder if wearing makeup diminished their ability to "concentrate" on trying to save his life? I'm now semi retired after 42 years of being a working RN and I indulged my "vanity" (!) every day by wearing tastefully applied cosmetics. Your remarks are so ludicrous as to make me wonder if you are pranking us and I just fell for it. I hope that's the case. I would hate to think that you honestly begrudge a nurse the desire to look nice like other women. I bet you think nurses are way over paid too. Literally shaking my head.


So very sorry for your loss.  


When I practiced nursing, I always wore foundation, shadow and lip product.  That in no way diminished my ability to take care of patients.


I no longer practice, but have now become the patient.  You can't judge a book by its cover.  I have had plain Jane nurses, nurses that wear a ton of makeup and nurses that have tatoos.  Their choices to use or not use makeup or to be tatted out the wazoo have not interfered with my care.

@pepes mom thank you for your time as a nurse!  It takes a special person to be a nurse and I was always amazed at the wonderful care that my parents received from nurses.


I can't believe the discussion on her about whether nurses should wear makeup or not.  Does it really matter??  I guess not to me LOL