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Besides Botox, what are the best products you have found to reduce the horizontal forehead lines?
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A microneedle roller.

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If you can afford it and don't have any reservations about using it, nothing...and I mean nothing works like Botox.  It's incredible if administered properly.  Of course this is speculation but it looks like Josie has given it a try... and looks wonderful.

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nothing compares with botox. when the process is administered by trained specialist, in my case board certified surgeon results are natural. 

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Botox or Bangs!

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Forehead lines are soooo difficult.  I do recommend Botox.  Since I stopped doing it all my lines are back. And I do have a good skincare regimen.  For some reason it works on my whole face but not so much on the forehead.

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Bangs are your best bet, if they suit you.


Otherwise you have to train yourself to stop doing your surprised or worried face when you don't mean it. I used to raise my eyebrows pretty much whenever I talked. It made me look slightly nervous all the time, which I didn't intend to communicate. So I just made it a priority to relax my brows. I'd rub little circles on my forehead area when I thought about it.


If it's too ingrained in you, botox might help you break the cycle. Then after that, use frownies in private or other methods to stop doing it.


Don't get me wrong. No one should inhibit their natural reactions. It's the habitual ones that don't communicate an accurate message that are the problem.

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I have used No. 7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum for about two weeks now and my 11 lines, as well as my lines from my nose to mouth, have definitely lessened in depth.  It has made a huge difference in my appearance.  


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I have had good results with Dr. Denese Wrinkle Defense Duo for the face & neck. My forehead lines have lessened.