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Another vote for It Bye Bye Pores!

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Right now I am loving Clarin's Ever Matte Powder, it is great for those of us with oily t zones, I carry it with me and only have to apply once again after lunch.It works so well, I love it and it will last a long time as well.........

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I use Skinn's Plasma Fusion setting veil over any makeup I use, I'm older and it really does not settle into the fine line and wrinkles.

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I'm cheap...I use (and really like) Maybelline Shine Free loose powder. I rarely touch up during the day, but I do blot shine with a tissue if necessary. I carry a Laura Geller Balance & Brighten compact in my purse just in case. I use it so seldom, that whenever I finish the one in my vanity, I replace it with the one from my purse, and put a new one in my purse. Otherwise, the purse one would be there forever--and maybe go bad!

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Love my NARS TRANSLUCENT CRYSTAL gives my skin a poreless finish, takes away shine in t zone, but doesn't look chalky even though it's a white powder.

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I use Finishing Dust by Everyday Minerals. Comes in 4 shades and is perfect! My fave is the "Sunlight",

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Is setting powder the same thing as finishing powder?

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@quinny wrote:

Is setting powder the same thing as finishing powder?

I believe a lot of people use the terms interchangably, but in actuality a setting powder and finishing powder are two different things.  

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@Kjelle wrote:

I use Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder from Sephora. I also got a tip from Wayne Goss for powder which really works well. After you apply your primer, put on the powder. Then apply your base. I can't believe the difference. A soft finish and staying power the makeup. It stops me from getting all shiny.

Thanks for this great tip, Kjelle!  Smiley Happy

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Another IT bye-bye pores....loose original, or mix with the loose bronzer for added color as was already suggested.


I also use the IT brush that came with it originally... just works best on my pores.


Sometimes I like JM's loose powders, both colors mixed. It's cool with coconut oil in description. 

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