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RCMA  (research council of makeup artists) No Color loose powder

5/5 rating in 59 reviews on one website..4.4/5 on another but some are put off by the no frills packaging..

I've had the same (spice looking) jar for more than a year, 2 oz, for $10.00! the 10 oz is $20.00


It's a professional line of cosmetics. I haven't tried anything else but their foundations come in palettes (for pro use) and are around 80% pigment (to be thinned with moisturizer, etc.) unlike the ready to wear from most retailers that is somewhere around 20%


The powder can be purchased directly from RCMA or beautylish dot com (that I'm aware of)

I highly recommend it and you cant beat the price! Does exactly what it's made for: sets and mattifies..



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Thank you ladies great choices.  😀

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I use Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder from Sephora. I also got a tip from Wayne Goss for powder which really works well. After you apply your primer, put on the powder. Then apply your base. I can't believe the difference. A soft finish and staying power the makeup. It stops me from getting all shiny.

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I generally use a makeup sponge to remove any shine on my face before I lightly dust my T zone with Essence All About Matt! fixing compact powder. It's a white powder that goes on smoothly translucent when applied with a powder brush.


Essence is a European makeup line that's inexpensive, it's at ULTA in the U.S. and Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I think the powder is about $4.00 or so and it's made in Poland.

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Not a powder, but I use it every day to set my makeup:


Mally's Poreless Face Defender


It gives my skin such a smooth look and feel! Smiley Happy

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I use BE's Mineral Veil and have for years now.  Whatever foundation I am using, it is my last step.  I get a nice finish and it holds up on my combo skin for hours.

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I don't use a foundation per se.  I use the Dr. Denese Tinted Day Cream.  It gives me just enough color and keeps my very dry skin moisturized.  After blush, I use a light dusting of LG's Balance & Bronze split pan in Fair as my finishing powder.  

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Another vote for IT Cosmetics, either the loose powder or compact version of the bye bye pores. Both are excellent.

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Again, It Cosmetics. Love the powder and the pressed compact. When using the compact I have found one needs just a touch. Use a light hand with it and voila! flawless.

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I use Smashbox HALO.  It is the one I keep going back to. Many others exaggerate my pores and fine lines (when did THAT happen!)  Halo settles - and in about 10 mintues or so - looks smooth and hydrated (not powdery -dull matte).  (I use over either Dr. Denese - still best, or IT CC cream.)