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Can anyone recommend a good facial scrub? I’ve used philosophy microdelivery in the past but curious how the Beekman 1802 milk scrub compares. Thank you.
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I use THESE (and any cleanser)

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I really like and regularly use the scrub by Lancer. But, it is too expensive.

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I still use the Peach Scrub from Suzanne Somers.  It really works well. Apply and let it absorb for 5 to 10 minutes and scrub. The best!!!

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I've been pretty consistent with Vasanti Brighten Up Skin Rejuvenator.  The scrubbies are very fine and the cleanser part is enzymatic. Very gentle but effective. You can find it on Amazon, but if you're a Costco member, it's better to order from them. It's an online only item. Not in the warehouse. 

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I have samples from Lancer which I like and they last forever.  Tried the Beekman scrub but it is too greasy for me.  Another that I like is NassifMD AM &PM facial cleanser (HSN). BUT... I find simply using a cotton wash cloth and my Beekman facial bar cleanser works as well as any scrub!!  Much cheaper too!

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@ShopperGal15 This is very expensive but my all time favorite is Tatcha Rice Polish. It truly polishes your skin. I love it but it is pricey. It really does give the results it states as follows:




However, I also still use the Philosophy microdelivery. I have swayed in other directions, giving others a shot but I always return to Philosophy as a daily scrub and Tatcha as a luxury once a week. 

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DHC Apricot Scrub exfoliant/cleanser. Gentle enough for daily use.

I use the DHC oil --about a quarter sized drop, put it on my face and then add less than a dime size of the scrub, wash my face and voila.

Surub is about $15 lasts a very long time. 
No smell, no leftover grit --works for me. 

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator


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I like the Tatcha rice polish facial scrub