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It is not the shadow it is the primer under it that will hold the color. I use one by ELF, comes in a swivel up stick, works quite well. 

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With my deep set eyes, the primer is the key.  For years before there was a product available, my eyeshadow disappeared.

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@Mumzy wrote:

Any suggestions for an eyeshadow that will stay on oily eyelids?

@Mumzy   ... I have oily eyelids.  For a long time I used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer which I thought was good.     But recently I started using the Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer.  OMG, what a difference!!  When I get home from work in the evening my eyeshadow looks just like it did when I first applied it in the morning,   The Tatcha, IMHO, is MUCH better than the Too Faced,  

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I use MAC and my shadows stay on and on and on...and I have watery eyes all day long.

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@Lipstickdiva wrote:

I use my concealer on my eyelids.

I also use my concealer on my eyelids like @Lipstickdiva .  Before purchasing an eyelid primer, you may want to try your existing concealer.  When using your undereye concealor, add it where you normally place eyeshadow.


Hope you find something that works for you.

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If you have e.l.f.'s Putty Primer, it says on their website that you can also use it on your lids.

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I have very oily eye lids and cannot use powdered shadow even with a primer. I use a long wear  cream shadow (Laura Mercier, Lancome, and my favorite Bobbi Brown), along with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer. I also like the Nars primer. I've used several other brands of primer and nothing has worked as well as Too Faced and Nars. 

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I use a primer then apply my Bare Minerals eyeshadow.  With a few hours, it looks like I never applied shadow.