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Any suggestions for an eyeshadow that will stay on oily eyelids?

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Do you use a primer first before your shadow?  What have you tried that is not working?

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You should try an eyeshadow primer.

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I too have super oily lids, always had.

Too Faced eyeshadow primer gives me 12+ hrs of shadow wear time.

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I dust my eyelids with a powder first, then apply a neutral base shade and then eyeliner and shadow.  That works well for me.

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Hi I have oily skin and eyelids and I agree about promer. I have been exteremly happy with Thrive Causmetics eyelift 360 waterproof primer. It is wonderful . You can even use it under eyes too . As for eyeshadow I really like Senna Cosmetics shadows 

have a great weekend

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Another vote for Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer. 

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Try Milani Eyeshadow PrimerIt's top-rated and super affordable...around $6 !

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I've used a lot of eye primers, but the best one I have ever found is by Younique (no, I don't sell it).  This will hold your shadow on until you take it off, the stuff is seriously amazing, and that tube will last forever.  Their eye shadows are also VERY good.




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I use my concealer on my eyelids.