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I have bought several brands of these over the years and like them ( my favorite are IT...don't feel drying/ go on well /stay).  My least favorite are Mally..I know these are a customer favorite but they always make my eyelids feel very dry/heavy.  


But the one issue I have with any eye shadow how to use a shadow stick with eyeliner...the eyeliner always seems to run/ smudge/mingle with shadow. I've tried putting eyeliner on both before & after shadow stick...I have tried both pencil & liquid liner...and I have tried just putting eyeliner in the corner.   I also have given the shadow stick time to dry before applying eyeliner. I have tried to not put the shadow stick right near where the liner is applied but that does not look right.. But no matter what I do eyeliner does not seem to play well with shadow sticks-end up blending together and liner smudges.  No issues w liner staying in place when i use w powder eye shadow.

Anyone have any advise on application?

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Re: Eye Shadow Sticks Advice

Use the clinique chubby stick shadow -  they last a long time even with daily use, also go on easily & stay put. 15% off now at Macys

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Re: Eye Shadow Sticks Advice

@DebNYC31 , I recently purchased Laura Mercier shadow sticks.  I'm very pleased with these, and I line my lids with pencil and haven't had any problems. 

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Re: Eye Shadow Sticks Advice

@DebNYC31  - Have you tried a eyeshadow primer before applying?

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Re: Eye Shadow Sticks Advice

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I know what you mean about the eyeliner, however I have two that work. Both are liquid and one is Laura Geller and the other is Belle Beauty.  I do not use a traditional pencil, my go-to are gels or liquid with exception to Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, and those will work too.

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Re: Eye Shadow Sticks Advice

@DebNYC31  -  I find myself using these more and more! Unlike you I do have luck with Mally's. I also like Belle and IT. Mine go on smoothly, but I do use Anastasia's eyelid primer. I follow with pencil liner. My liner glides right on. I usually use Belle, but recently have used Laura Geller and Shiseido as well.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Eye Shadow Sticks Advice

I use shadow sticks as eyeliner. Bobbi Brown, Doll 10. 

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