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If you're looking for a 30% off Sephora item

This is a great matte tinted moisturizer.  I had it on last night when we took my parents out to eat and my mother told me how beautiful my complexion was. I had to stop and think what foundation I had on. I know a lot of you poo poo Matt complexion products. This does not make you look chalky or flaky. I always use hydrating and moisturizing skin care under my foundation. I did not use my primer though. I don't recall how much it cost as I've had it a couple of years.  I'm a light neutral and color 03 is a good match but if I was the slightest bit darker it would be too light. I try to match my skin tone, not make it darker.


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Re: If you're looking for a 30% off Sephora item

@monicakm - Haven't tried this product from the Sephora Collection but have tried others and have been very happy with the quality.  Will put this on the list for when I'm done with current tinted moisturizers.