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Another vote for Anastasia.

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Tried way too many for minimal color & shaping as I look draggy with strong brows. I'm loving Gellers new brow compact in dual shades with double-ended brush. It's baked I think & what I didn't expect was how long it stays on and how natural it looks. I use the blonde/taupe. Happy!
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On 6/6/2014 annabellethecat said:

Laura Geller used to make an amazing eye brow tint that had brushes on each end. It was white with black lettering. One side was the tint and the other the gel (but I never used that side) It had tiny hairs in it that made it look like real eyebrows. I loved it.

I have good eyebrows but they (with age) have gotten light and aren't quite as full as I like. All of a sudden she stopped making it! I can't find it on her website.

I wish she'd start making it again. Nothing is as good as that one. I know, I've bought them!

Read what I just posted about Laura's newest pressed brow compact. You sound like me re: brows & I suggest you try it. It's taken me years to get it right!
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On 6/6/2014 Happy Elizabeth said:

I also heard that BareMinerals was going to bring back the powder.

Me, three. I heard August.

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I have been using one by Maybelline. It is pressed and I have my on brush. I like it!