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@Annabellethecat66 wrote:

I sound like a broken record.  I have been using her products since the first day she came on QVC.  I SWEAR by them.  I have no wrinkles and no brown spots.  

I'm convinced the best way to prevent brown spots and keep the skin younger looking is to get the dead skin off every day (or night).


I'm glad her products work for you.  To me they are quite average.


My guess is your lack of wrinkles and brown spots doesn't have much to do with Dr Denese in particular (using any regular exfoliation, spf and moisturizer would work) with contributions by genetics and lifestyle.

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I like some of her products, but ahemm, I am not exclusive. I get around, cheat, and skincare wize am a downright floozy. She actually has my favorite night cream, MD33. The hydroshield I don't use on my face (get in a kit with some other products I like) so use on my neck and hands. I also like her vitamin C pads, and her firming serum in the blue bottle. Her retinol max is one of the many retinols I cycle through my routines. I will not say the pads are not sticky but I manage.
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This is interesting, I forgot to post it.  Go here for some interesting information:

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I have been using D.r Denese Wrinkle RX Moisture Surge for years now.  I LOVE this day time moisturizer.  The only downside is that it doesn't have any SPF in it.  But, I have tried other moisturizers and  nothng works as well as this for me.  It's $35.00 and one jar lasts for at least 6 months for me.  I used to use the hydroshield serum and the pads.....but once I stopped, I didn't miss them.  Didn't care for the eye creams either.  But LOVE the Moistue Surge moisturizer!!!  

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I have used Dr. Denese's products for many years and they work great for me.  I don't use everything, but do use several products on a daily basis....hydrating facial cleanser, Firming Facial pads, Hydroshield, SPF 30 Defense Day Cream.  The initial output is a bit pricey, but I find each product lasts me a long time and I do not need a lot of any item, so I find her line cost effective for me.  While her products may be more than drug store products, they tend to be less then other non-drug store lines.....and for me more effective.  I try other items from time to time, but always come back to Dr. Denese

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Huge holiday sale on her site now for next 2 weeks, everything is 30 to 50 % off!!!

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@Shelbelle wrote:

Huge holiday sale on her site now for next 2 weeks, everything is 30 to 50 % off!!!

This is where I make most of my purchases.  I don't find this line overly priced, and I love the results I get.  I have mostly use this line for years and have added various products from other lines along the way.  I always start with Hydroshield.  Wouldn't be without it. 

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I purchased the doctor's Supersize melatonin day cream, and it went very bad about l/4 way through. It turned orange, thick like mud and smelled bad. When things like this happen, I don't do second chances.

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I have now been using Dr Denese's products since Summer 2016 and have found them to be the best products I have tried so far.  (I have tried alot too ugh)   I am a huge retinol fan and her Firm A Tone Serum is 2% which is far highier then any other I have found and it is not harsh on me (I have Rosacea)   I use her Firming Pad's every night, love them (used PTR pads for a long time but hate having to take the extra step and wash it off after 5 mins.)    As for price, well you pay for what you get.  Also compared to some brand (Perricone, which I have not used ever) it is fairly priced. 

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I swear by her neck cream. I tried a few of her other products and they did nothing for me. I don't mind the price if they worki. I've tried other neck creams and always go back to hers. My 86 year old mother has used it for years too and her neck looks amazing.We order the large size and share it.  I find every line has those Holy Grail products. I don't use one line exclusively. This neck cream is amazing!