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Has anyone used Dr. D exclusively for some time and what were your results?

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@Jodi3175 wrote:

I really wish Dr. Denese products were not so expensive.  She has so many steps to her skin care and it just gets so spendy.  Has anyone used Dr. D exclusively for some time and what were your results?

Zero, nada ,no results....just redness, irritation and a smaller bank account. I really like Dr. Denese as a person but her skincare is too active for my sensitive skin. I used it for a year before realizing the redness was from using it...

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Same here--I would like to try it also, but it's just to expensive for me as well.  

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For years I have used only her Hydrating serum and the sunscreen.  Once IT came out with their 7-step replacement foundation, I stayed with the serum.  I bought it during special offerings: supersize deals, combination deals, etc.


Turned 72 on Friday:  my skin looks terrific....this is what I am consistently being told.  Sometimes, I need my driver's license to prove I qualify for the senior discounts.


 Last week a young gal at the cash register started stumbling over words....I knew where she was going with it and immediately told her my age.  Wish I had a camera....


Thank goodness for Dr. Denese and good genes !

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I broke out from the Hydroshield and it left my skin very dry.  I wasn't impressed with her other products either, as I noticed no marked results.  FYI Dr. D offers a starter kit, A87564, $21.75 and 3.00 s/h.  Also on 5 easy pays of $4.35


20 ct advanced firming facial pads

0.50 oz firming facial age corrector cream

0.30 oz Hydroshield ultra moisturizing face serum



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I use only a few key products in her line as they are expensive. That ODO kit yesterday was way to high in price at $249. Wow she should have made a mini version and less expensive kit instead.  

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I don't have an issue with Dr. Denese products being expensive; I have an issue with them being effective and worth the price.  Most of what I've tried I haven't found anything special or didn't care for. I thought her pads left my skin sticky and the creams were too heavy.  I haven't found anything I would repurchase and some I have returned. 

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I sound like a broken record.  I have been using her products since the first day she came on QVC.  I SWEAR by them.  I have no wrinkles and no brown spots.  

I'm convinced the best way to prevent brown spots and keep the skin younger looking is to get the dead skin off every day (or night).


FROM THE INTERNET: According to recent research, humans shed their epidermis at the rate of 0.001 - 0.003 ounces of skin flakes every hour. That is roughly 0.024 - 0.072 ounces per day and 9-27oz/year, or 0.55 - 1.6 pounds per year.
According to the WHO, 70 years was the average life expectancy at birth of the global population in 2012.

So 70 times 1.6 is 112 pounds of skin cells shed over a long lifetime.


Think of how that keeps piling on if you don't get it ALL off every day.  That's what a good wash rag (I use microfiber rags) with warm water does every night.

After that I use Dr. Denese her pads every night, followed by Hydroshield.

During the day I use her sunscreen.  I swear by her products.  

My daughter lives in Denver Colorado.  Denver has 300 days a year of sunshine.  She moved there about 3 years ago.  She went to a dermatologist and the Dr told her her skin was aging at a fast rate.  She called me (flipping out).  She knows I use Dr. Denese so I started sending it for her (it's not cheap).  She started using it and a year later when she went back to the Dr she said, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  Your skin is really looking way better".  Well, it's been some time now and she recently went back (a year later).  The Dr said that her skin was in total reversal.  She inherited good skin but the spots have gone and since she's only 36  she doesn't have wrinkles anyway.

I don't mind paying for her Dr. Denese.  I agree it isn't cheap.  You can probably obtain results if you find something that has Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Hydroquinone in it as it removes brown spots.  As far as a moisturizer goes, most are probably fine. You should always, always (year around) use sunscreen.


Think about a young person's skin.  There are no brown spots, it's smooth and moist.


Just get that dead skin off every single day!


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I think Dr. Denese is a doll, but her Hydroshield was way too oily and siliconey for me and caused me to breakout within a short amount of time.  

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@Jodi3175 wrote:

I really wish Dr. Denese products were not so expensive.  She has so many steps to her skin care and it just gets so spendy.  Has anyone used Dr. D exclusively for some time and what were your results?

I use Hydroshield, Firming Facial Pads and Dream Cream. I have dry skin that flakes and the pads have made a world of difference for me. The pads may be irritating for some. The Hydroshield and Dream Cream are very moisturizing, if your skin is not dry I would suggest just using the serum or cream alone instead of together. My skin feels and looks so much better than before. I'm not going to make claims about anti wrinkles because the only thing I use that is effective is Retin A. Oh I forgot to mention I use her spf. The only other product I use is Paula's Choice BHA during the day before the spf.


As far as pricing, unless she has an awesome TSV, I buy all of her products on Ebay. The savings you can get there are phenomenal. Cheaper than drugstore prices per ounce.