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Re: Does anyone use a shower head filter?


@KingstonMom wrote:



I'll have to check with DH as to the model of ours, I don't see anything printed on it, it's all chrome.


I can tell a real difference in my hair and skin using mine, hair's much softer, skin not as dry and soaps or body washes lather up much more.


I can tell when it needs replacing, the spray of the shower on my skin stings when it's time to replace!



I have also used the Sprite filter for years after it was recommended on this forum. I have the same hair and skin results as you described. We got it at Home Depot. Refill cartridges are available on Amazon. I highly recommend. 

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Re: Does anyone use a shower head filter?

What would be some other reasons for needing one?  We have our own well, but the water is great since Day One - no need for a softener or any kind of treatment.  

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Re: Does anyone use a shower head filter?

Hi @moonandthestars, I purchased a filter because others had suggested it would be great for hair and skin.  Honestly, I can't say I've noticed some grand improvement.  Reminds me of taking health supplements, you hope it might be affecting your health for the better, but it's usually hard to really pinpoint any vast improvements. 


I would say that I think my shampoo suds up easier.  Also, thank goodness, I tend to already have pretty healthy looking skin and hair, but I'm always looking out for any ways to maintain and/or enhance. 


If you decide to purchase Aquabliss, please know that their customer service is one of the better ones.

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Re: Does anyone use a shower head filter?

Funny to find this thread as I’ve been searching for a filtered shower head myself lately. We have well water which is hard but we have a water softener to help. What I’m wondering is if the minerals in the water affect my hair color. I’ve read they can add brassiness which seems to be the case with me. Not sure if it’s from the well water or not. Has anyone tried the Jolie brand? That’s the one I was considering but it’s pricey.