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Re: Deal at Marshall 's Perricone M.D.

Ebay has the conformer for $14.  Drugstore prices.  

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Re: Deal at Marshall 's Perricone M.D.

I have also noticed that you have to be careful at Sephora -- I have noticed expired products on the shelves and sometimes there is dust on the top of the boxes.  Maybe some of the sales folks standing around talking should be doing a little dusting!!  Considering the prices we pay for our skincare, we should not have to worry about getting old or expired products.

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Re: Deal at Marshall 's Perricone M.D.

I found a great price on Perricone MD Photo Plasma at TJ Maax and was concerned it was an expired product.  The bottom of the photo plasma jar had the perricone number as well as an expiration date of 2021. 

Great price and valid expiration date - will continue to check TJ Maax and Marshall’s for Perricone MD!

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Re: Deal at Marshall 's Perricone M.D.



Always like to find bargains.  I am not a fan of Perricone products. Didn’t see any results from using especially not for the price. That representative Dana needs to start wearing makeup on the air because her skin certainly doesbt look so great.  I saw her tgis morning and she needs some makeup. 

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Re: Deal at Marshall 's Perricone M.D.

For a basic moisturizer that hydrates well day or night, Perricone's Face Finishing Moisturizer is a great choice.  I know he sells it as a top coat finish for all of his other potions, but it's effective alone.  However, it is one of his products which the TJX buyers can't get their hands on.  It sells so well that most of Perricone's full price retail partners never have excess inventory they need to unload. 

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Re: Deal at Marshall 's Perricone M.D.

@fthunt wrote:

I got 3 great great deals at another place. Something is going on with Dr. Perricone's business.  Dana, his representative, has been on Q offering 2 of their best products that normally goes for $240 EACH - she's been offering 2 for (not exactly positive) but I'd say $120 for two.  I guess customers are suspicious because they weren't selling out.   Something is going on that's not normal for him.

(Ideas:  selling the company, health problems, in financial troubles - these are just my ideas of what's up - NOT FACTS)

Hi,  Can't imagine Dr. P is having any business issues. Everytime I'm at Nordstroms I stop at Dr. P's counter to see what's new, or buy an occassional item.

There's always a line, and customers have at least a few items to buy, expensive items too.  Now I don't blurt out -don't buy from Nordstroms, you'll pay too much and QVC has great prices and kits- but while standing in line chatting, if someone asks me what I'm buying/trying, I'll tell them I use the line, but mostly buy from QVC, and go on to tell them about prices,  kits. they cannot believe it, more than a few times women have put their items down and left, I'm sure to buy from QVC.


there have always been deals at discount stores, it's a hit or miss when they have them. Department stores that carry his, or other brands, turn over their stock at intervals, and sell them as lots to tj maxx, marshalls, etc.


As far as the neuropeptide Cream, I never pay $240, Qvc always offer the Duo's  at least 2x per year, for years, usually around Mother's Day- through June, and again for Holiday season, sometimes at the beginning of each new year too.

So don't pay $240 unless you run out and have no choiceCat Surprised


I'm always getting kits and many have Neuropeptide Cream included, so I'm usually  stocked, but I'm buying this season's duo.  




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Re: Deal at Marshall 's Perricone M.D.

I swear by the neck and chest cream. I have very thin skin on my chest and noticed some crepiness about a year ago. I tried Crepe Erase and my chest broke out. Tried Perricone and a year later, the crepiness is all but gone. Of course, I never expose my chest and neck to the sun.

Zulilly has had some excellent deals on Perricone, with an option for 2 or sometimes 3 ez-pay. I'm loving Zulilly for brand name cosmetics and high end perfumes these days!