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Not a fan of hairspray, but I do use a thermal product.  I'll go back and watch the video again. 


Maybe I'm missing something and/or I just need practice. Cat Happy

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I'll take a look at this.  Thanks.


Whatever I use, I'm going to have to practice.  I'm not used to fussing with my hair, so this is like learning to walk for me. Cat LOL

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@Witchy Woman 


I hear ya.  I can't work a blow dryer to save my soul!  Just make a big fuzzy mess!


A fat round brush?  I wanna heave it after 3-4 tries of not getting it in or out of my hair.


So I gave up.  I air dry and can fix THAT mess with my Beachwaver.


It does take a little practice...this does Not have a long clasp...but I had no trouble really considering my lack of styling abilities!  LOL

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@RespectLife wrote:

@Witchy Woman 


I agree, higher setting...but I will suggest a different product!


Beachwaver.  I bought from Q at least 10 yrs ago and it is still going strong.  Now sold elsewhere.


I have color treated, thinning, long hair.  It is a rotating curling iron.  I do use a higher setting.  My curls last literally til I wash them out.


I do NOT spray with anything before I curl and don't use hairspray after!




I know, those are great, too! The thing about Forever v. Beachwaver is that you do not have to hold each section in place for 10 sec. That was the selling point for me.




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Martino says in most of his presentations that if anyone has challenges using his tools to email him and he will do Facetime with you to help you be able to work with it.  I think he said to contact him at  If that isn't correct, his salon number is purblished so you can try that to contact him.  Good luck!

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How kind of you to come back and post this! 


I will practice a bit more and consider contacting him if I cannot get the hang of it.


I'm not finding fault with the product, but with my own skill at using it.  I was never good with any kind of hand-held hair tool because I used to let my curls air dry.


Thanks again for this info.

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I have never been able to master the curling iron. I have shoulder length layered !hair, very much like Hoda Kotb. I use hot rollers, put them in,put on my makeup get dressed,  take them out , brush and done. Works great for me and no aggravation.