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I recently found a website called and they supposedly "help to support good causes around the world". They advertise as Hand Poured, Vegan/Cruelty Free, All Natural Lipsticks. I ordered a lipstick and got it with free shipping in 3 days. I went back and ordered another shade today. They are manufactured and distributed in Raleigh, NC according to the information card enclosed with the lipstick. I wondered if anyone else has purchased from them and if so, what you think? I believe they may be a fairly new company.
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Interesting. I have never heard of it.

How is the lipstick?

Sheer? Opaque? Drying? Long wearing? 

Does it have a smell or taste?

What color did you get?

It looks like a great site.

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I ordered 2 tubes of Color the World lipstick last year and really wasn't that impressed. One of the shades was Sunset - can't find the other one, but I didn't use either one very much. I didn't find them to be very moist - they just seemed a bit dry to me. The tubes are kind of cute, but after my first order I didn't reorder anything. I like Revlon and have used that brand for years, and that's what I'll stick with. Maybe others had a better experience with Color the World than I did.

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@Dusty1, I got the shade called "Empowered" which goes toward anxiety and depression causes. It is a very pretty light mauve color(I wish it was just a bit darker) and I've only used it once but it doesn't seem drying and there is no smell or taste to it at all! It seems fairly long lasting but I'll know more after I've worn it a few times. It feels good on my lips and I would say it is more opaque than sheer. I'll let you know about the shade I ordered today( I can't remember the name of it but it is a darker mauve and supports coral reefs(I believe). I agree, it is a very interesting site!! I love the fast, free shipping too!!!💄
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@Jannabelle, oh no, that doesn't sound too positive! I am using the Givenchy "black" lipstick now and I like it but not enough to keep paying the price for a tube of it!!! I'm anxious to get my second color and to really start using both of them! I love that they are cruelty-free and are made in the USA! Thanks for sharing!!!💄
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@hooked on books 


On my third tube with  Color the World - Rose Petal.


I concur with the positive responses.

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The last two years in December they have a sale and I started ordering.  I'm 67 with more salt & pepper hair.  Most colors turn pink on me so getting a true red is close to impossible, but I found it this past December.


Southern Red - love it, would order again


Confident  - beautiful red with a touch of gold, nice for the         holidays, would order it again


GNO - Girls Night Out - looks good with burgundy clothes but not too dark, need to decide between this one and the next one as to which I would reorder


Revolutionary  - pretty similar to GNO


Foxy - a soft matte pink, would definitely order again


Speechless - Suppose to be a red shade but pulls bright pink on me.  Would not order again.


It's fun to mix the colors and they say if it's not deep enough to wait 3 minutes and apply again.  Going to have to check out Rose Petal.

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I have three of these lip colors and love them! Heartfelt is one of their reds that I can wear very well. It is a blue red. Rose Petal will be the next one I try. I love that the color does not feather into the lip lines and it really lasts on me, even when drinking a hot beverage or using a straw. Very happy with this line and their service and delivery is great. 

Surfberry and Flawless are the other two colors I have and they are more in the lighter mauve/pink ranges, good for spring and summer. 
I have medium dark blonde hair with very fair skin and blue eyes. I can't wear a dark , dark red, but need the cool toned red. I will definitely order Heartfelt again, and might consider the Southern Red if it is not too dark.  

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I have seen their ads on FB, I would have been intrested if I had not found Urban Decay lipstick.  For me UD lipstick is my Holy Grail.

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Re: Color the World

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There is another thread on this forum. You may want to look for it as there are a lot of reviews on it.


I ordered 3 tubes for x-mas.  1 for my sister, and Huntress for my SIL and myself.  I received Empowered instead of one of the tubes of Huntress.  I contacted CS and was told to keep the Empowered and they would send me out Huntress.


I've tried both the Empowered and Huntress and IMO they are just okay.  I don't find them anything to write home about. The colors are okay but definitely not faves, the staying power is okay but IMO they are a tad too matte and drying. I like a creamier lipstick.   


I  would not pay $21.00 which is the regular price for these.  In fact, I'm not sure I'd pay the 40% off sale price I did either.  I know someone who sells MK and pretty much uses these CTW lipsticks exclusively now.  People seem to either love them or hate them.


What also bothers me is how much is donated to each cause?  Do they  mention that anywhere?  All I can find is that they donate a "significant" amount but there is never a firm figure.


Wanted to add to keep in mind that they do not accept returns and it appears they only allow glowing reviews on their website.  Reviews on other sites such as Makeupalley aren't that great.