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Product for itchy scalp?

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Suddenly this week my head itches like crazy.  No change in weather or products.  Any help out there?  I go out in public and I look like I must have fleas.  It is hard to resist scratching.

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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

Somewhere I heard coconut oil before shampooing let sit for 1/2 hour then shampoo.

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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

My scalp itches like crazy from Dec - early March every year.  I just assume it's a winter thing and scratch it when nobody's looking.  I have the same itchy problem with my arms and legs and apply lots of lotions and creams.  Really, the only thing that makes my itches go away is Spring.

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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

If you have already the testing done, you can check the site the Derm gave the login to and check for a change of ingredients.  They do change.

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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

Itchy scalp ladies: Try deep conditioning your hair/scalp for 20-30 minutes. Also in winter, I wash my hair less often, only run conditioner through when showering after exercising or just wear shower cap. You also may want to switch to a gentle, sulfate free, hydrating shampoo until the winter weather is over. 

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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

Try johnson and johnson baby shampoo. 

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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

My daughter would always have itchy scalp but not dandruff.  She's a type 1 diabetic so dry skin is generally an issue.  Her doctor told her the best thing for itchy scalp is to use Tea Tree Oil in her shampoo.  


So, she bought a good brand of Tea Tree Oil on Amazon and used the amount stated to add to your regular shampoo.   An eyedropper is included in the Tea Tree Oil so it's easy to dispense the correct amount of drops into the shampoo bottle. (Usual amount is 10 drops per 8 ounces of shampoo but you can Google it too)


Within a few regular hair washings  using the Tea Tree Oil in her shampoo, her scalp is no longer itchy or dry and her hair is silky, soft and shiny too! 


Tea Tree Oil has many benefits; it's antimicrobial and fights fungi, unclogs hair follicles, is antibacterial, takes care of any dandruff issues or dry/dead skin cells and stimulates new hair growth. 


I began to use it too and love the feeling it leaves on the scalp after shampooing.





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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

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There is a cause for itchy scalp...could be as simple as a reaction to your shampoo/conditioner or a change in diet/weather.  You might want to read about Seborrheic Dermatitis and Demodex.  First defense would be switching to a tea tree based shampoo/conditioner (check the efficacy of the brand) or add tea tree oil to your current shampoo.  Some people find relief using an apple cider vinegar rinse.

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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

  @depglass ,  my scalp became very itchy during peri-menopause, when the hormone levels were going wacky. Got worse when I started taking chemo.  I found the WEN Tea Tree oil to be very helpful. 


I applied it to the scalp and left it on 30-60 minutes, then washed it out. I washed it out with WEN Tea Tree Cleanser to avoid over-drying and stripping, (but you could use your usual shampoo).


Tea Tree is antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anit-itch, anti-flakes, restores balance in overly oily or overly dry scalps, etc, but needs a minimum of 10 minutes contact w the skin to work it's magic.


At first I did this 2-3 days a week and it helped reduce the itchyness. But when I did it every day for abt. 4 months, the itching stopped and didn't come back, even when I completely stopped the Tea Tree oil treatment.


Caution: tea tree is toxic to cats, dogs are ok w it.



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Re: Product for itchy scalp?

Scalpicin Max Strength really helps.  Sometimes I I use Head n Shoulders for itchy scalp too, but nothing really helps like Scalpicin Maximum.