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Re: Carol's Daughter........

I'm not sure what your issue is w/ WEN...I gave up WEN and all the frizz and buildup for CD, and I couldn't be happier!

Yes, the packaging....because the S & C is so thick & rich, the product really needs to be in a pump bottle.

Monoi is nice, especially that oil, but the one I really love is Cupuacu, which I just bought from CD site.

What will be different for you is that you do not need tons of product and you only need to cleanse once!

My hair is so bouncy today, I feel like Shirley Temple!

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Re: Carol's Daughter........

I am trying the CD Monoi TS set and the hairspray.

Every once in a while I break down and try something that promises the world. So far, no luck. I tried the CD Chocolat set a few years ago & it did not help my fine, straight hair at all. Monoi sounds different. My hair has no volume & it just sticks out. I've tried all sorts of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, hairsprays...

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Re: Carol's Daughter........

The hair milk is great!! I have several 23 oz bottles of it (hsn) I do not use it often for i do not like floral scents but it works better than wen