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Re: Cancelling an order..HSN/QVC

calculated to make the customer  keep whatever they receive.


I could understand a no cancel policy if the order was shipped out and on it's way the next day but we all know that's not happening.


I also think it's a bit dodgy and skirting very close to consumer laws not to have any kind of cancellation policy at all.  

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Re: Cancelling an order..HSN/QVC

I hope they keep that feature(cancellation before midnight) on HSN, avoids hassle of returns.  


Also, I noticed, HSN deletes negative reviews now. I was looking at the reformulated Skinn DWP TS kit yest, it had 2 star review last night, the customer broke out.This morning the review is gone. It still appears when you search for the product but when you click on the product no reviews appear.