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I bought one from Revlon back in June when there was a big sale on Amazon.  The barrel size was okay, not like the big Revlon one, but it did nothing for my hair at all except make it super straight.  I had no volume, no nothing.


I have a really cheap one I got from Aldi years ago that has interchangeable heads and it does a much better job but it's still not something I use on a daily basis.  I use that one when we are camping and my hair needs to be dried and look decent.  I still much prefer drying with a round brush and then using a styling iron.  

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@BarbiHollywood what are your favorite l'ange products?  just curious Smiley Happy  Now i'm using the thermal protectant (magique?).  I want to get one of their dry shampoos the next time I order.

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@Dusty1 I will say that the one I have gets VERY hot.  But I usually let my hair air dry almost all the way and then just finish off with it, so I'm not using it for too long.  Glad that Revlon came out with a better one!


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@Jacie wrote:

Mine is from Conair and I love it! Makes it really easy!

It's especially helpful for the back of my head that I used to do quickly because it was such a pain to do with a brush and dryer!  I'm not coordinated enough!  ha ha

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Re: 'Brush' hair dryers

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I've used a Conair dryer with brush for years.   I stocked up when I wasn't sure they were making them anymore.  Mine is not round, it looks just like a brush attached to the handle.


I cannot blow myy shoulder length hair with a brush in one hand and a blower in the other.  I have natural wavy hair, so it just leaves it wavy when I try and blow it straight.


You get better control when the brush is attached.  It's all I can use on  my bangs.  Also, when I want it really straight with no hint of curl, I use a straightener from Conair called Infinity Pro.  It's a brush not a an iron.  It's less stress on the hair.  I don't use that too often because the blow dryer does the job. 

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@Knit-Chick Hi!  So far I've only used Glass Hair but I ordered a few different things this morning.  I also caved and ordered the Le Duo just because I've been on the fence about it and saw earlier today that Calista has one now that's very, very close in price/design.  L'ange is $119 but I entered code FESTIVE and it knocked off 30%!!  The products I ordered were 60% off.  Ordered more Glass Hair ($12 instead of $30), Thermal Magique ($9.60 instead of $24), and Posh Laminating Gel ($10 instead of $25).  I hope I like them.