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For no medical reason I decided to try Biotin to strengthen my nails, which are peeling and weak. I can't say that it has done anything for the nails - they still aren't growing well and are still peeling back very badly.

But the hair - OMGoodness. It is growing so fast that I've had to have it cut every three weeks now instead of every six weeks. I wear it short, but it's hard to keep it that way with the Biotin. It has to be the Biotin, since I haven't changed anything else.

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Maybe it depends upon why your hair or nails are problematic. My endocrinologist told me I was wasting my money on biotin, so I stopped using it well over a year ago. My nails are the same mess they've been my whole life, but my hair is actually better.

I didn't ask him to give me a whole explanation because I was in his office about a more serious issue than anything appearance.

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Found this 1999 NIH study that appears to say (if I'm reading it right) that biotin does get absorbed through the scalp, but I've read others say it doesn't. They were looking for solutions to dermatitis, not hair growth. And it's a very early study.

I haven't seen a more recent nih study. But did find other recent sites that say biotin won't get absorbed through the scalp. eg:

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On 12/13/2014 Shelbelle said:

I take the max of 10,000 mcg daily, no real results.

I've been taking the max. w/Vit D3 esp.. since what I had not lost during chemo ,had to be cut off since it was the consistency of Astroturf. My hair is now close to the middle of my back, feels like silk ( DH's words), and continues to grow.

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I take a vitamin called 50+, it is Equate brand purchased at Walmart. It contains Biotin, as well as a host of other things we need when something in our bodies quits working. I also have been using 2 new hair series. I use Biolage Keratin shampoo, conditioner, and leave in spray, then I also use Carols daughter monoi oil shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and leave in treatment. I also will put on 2 pumps of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi oil before blow drying to help straighten and smooth my hair. I use hot rollers after drying. I have progressive thyroid disease, so my doctor says, but not enough to take medicine yet. My ovaries also quit this year. My hair has changed texture and become very dry, was probably weak, was breaking and a lot coming out, filling up shower drain every day with hair, had a lot of problems, and these things have all helped.

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How Effective and Safe is Biotin for Hair Growth?

The bottom line is that biotin won’t work for everybody, but it works very well for some people. The reason is that biotin does not stimulate new hair growth.

Instead, it renews the follicles and roots of the hairs that are already growing. It results in thicker, fuller & much healthier hair (not to mention healthier skin and nails), which is often sufficient for those suffering from mild to moderate alopecia. If you have suffered from severe baldness for years, biotin will probably not work as well for you.

The good news is that biotin is considered safe, even in high doses for most people. There are very few side effects, which I’ll discuss in a moment. This means that you don’t risk much by trying biotin for hair growth for a few months. It is safe if used properly and relatively inexpensive, so the potential benefits can greatly outweigh the risks.

Does Biotin Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

There is a lot of debate about whether biotin can actually make your hair grown faster. Doctors generally agree that it does not, and that there is very little that can be done to actually increase the speed of hair growth. But that doesn’t mean that biotin for hair growth doesn’t help.

Consistent and long-term use of biotin will result in healthier roots and follicles, as well as stronger and fuller hair. This means that hair breakage will not occur nearly as often and hair will grow longer as a result. That is why people often claim that biotin makes their hair grown faster.

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{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}Oh, and my hair dresser claims I have a head full of new growth

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This is fromva reputable source:

Although truthfully I take Biotin daily, over 5000mg, but liquid form from a dropper placed under my tongue. I have always had healthy (and now WEN keeps it even healthier) hair and nails that grow fast, but I have several medications that could potentially work against me.

If this is a new thing for you, you should figure out the reason it's happening. Are you on medications? If so, review with your pharmacist. I also do an online search tricky meds, typing in the medication name and hair loss. I was placed on a new med several years ago and started experiencing hair loss. No one could figure out why. I did my Google search and found the new med had a very rare side effect of hair loss. My doc Saud he'd never had a patient with this side effect, but apologized and put me on a different one. No more hair loss

Good luck!!

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I don't know about topically applied biotin but I've taken 5000 mg of biotin for quite a long time now and unfortunately I don't notice any difference in my hair. Perhaps my nails grow better but it really hasn't done anything for my hair. My hair is in no better condition now than when started nor does it grow any faster. I also seem to be losing more hair recently. I'm now taking the biotin every other day and may stop altogether.
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I have hair loss. I just had my thyroid removed (this Monday). I feel 100 times better already!!

My Dr (both the Endo Surgeon and the Endo Dr) said some of the hair loss is due to menopause, thyroid and heredity (I don't know about the last one as every female in my family past and present has one big head of hair).

Minoxodil (sp) is something that really works. The problem is that you must keep using it or it will fall out and stop growing again.