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Anyone try the Benefit eyebrow pencil?  I am trying to find one I actually like!  Gets good reviews on HSN...My all time favorite was the BE mineral powder but it has been discontinued...

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@midnight oil  Yes, I use it and really like it; it's my go-to brow pencil. Just watched a Beauty YouTuber who loves the Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setting and Shaping Gel - I'll have to look into this one. 

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Have you checked on ebay for the discontinued BE product ?

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I prefer a slightly softer pencil. I only fill in the center of my brows with one stroke so I don’t need much but this one is too firm for me. I used to love their brow pencils before they changed everything up and came out with a million brow products a few years ago lol. I’m currently using one from TheBalm. 

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@midnight oil 

I'm a huge Benefit fan!  I just bought the Goof Proof eyebrow pencil from Ulta a few weeks ago.  It goes on very easily, so the first time I used it I used a bit of a heavy hand & had to clean up!  With a bit of softer hand it looks much better.  In saying that, I still prefer the powder over the pencil.

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I've used the Goof Proof and like @SurferWife , I applied a little to intensely. But also found that it cleans up easily and lives up to the Goof Proof name! I've also used Benefits "Precisely My Brow" which I also like. They are both great, long lasting products (IMO). The other Benefit brow product that I LOVE is the brow primer.

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I am still using the philosophy eyebrow pencil for filling in.  Bobbi Brown has one for $45 and I am wondering what justifies that price.

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The Benefit Precisely My Brow pencil is my favorite brow product.  I have very sparse brows.  Pencils work the best for me and this one applies very easily, comes in great colors, and is very soft and natural looking.  



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I am still working off my two silver pencils that were introduced when they discontinued the wood ones.  I sure hope the formula remains the same in whatever form they have now.