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Has anyone tried the Benefit Line on HSN?  I was watching the Roller Mascara presenation & it seemed interesting.


No reviews on their site.


Any ideas?

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I haven't tried the Roller Mascara but I have tried their eyeshadows, lip balms and blushes.  I didn't find them to be very pigment rich and havent purchased anything from the line in a couple of years.  Things may have changed though.  If you have a Sephora near you, maybe you could go in and try some things out.  I'm sure it's sold other places too. 


I've had a terrible time finding a good mascara, so much so that I actually gave up wearing any for awhile.  Recently I caved and bought the colored mascara by clinique.  I have to say that I still love it after several weeks of wear.  It doesn't clump us as much as some, has a really good brush, doesn't drop little particles/fillers that get into my eyes, doesn't seem to be damaging my lashes and looks really good on.  If you need to find a new mascara - you might give that a try.


A few weeks ago, Sephora had a mascara kit with several brands in one kit.  The benefit version might be in it - and then you could try several others as well.


Sorry I wasn't more help.  Happy Mascara hunting!

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I used to use Benefit years ago. I used Benetint, great in theory but dried my lips to nothing. The blushes were nice but the packaging was such that you couldn't carry them easily in a make-up bag. Too cumbersome. I gave up.

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I'ver personally disliked more Benefit products than I've liked. 

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I have used that mascara and I did like it because it curled my lashes.  However, just recently I tried Clinique's Chubby (I think that's what it's called) mascara.  I got the black honey color (because I like all the black honey products, except the lipstick) and it goes on well, doesn't clump and that color looks very natural.

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I have tried a few of their products, and have not been very impressed.....The only thing I remember liking but obviously not that much because I never re-purchased it was their Brow Pencil. The rep drives me nuts with her constant talking-it just seems over the top to me!!!!!!I rarely watch the shows anymore!

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I think the line is full of mediocre products with a higher end price point. There are many drugstore lines that are much better.

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I like quite a few Benefit items, including the Benetints, Fakeup Concealer, Watt's Up, High Beam, Big Easy, and more.


Unfortunately, Roller Lash was a huge fail for me. I live in central Texas and I tried Roller Lash earlier this year when it was hot and humid out. Roller Lash was a mess on me! It smudged all over and made me look like I'd gone mad with a mascara wand.I was so disappointed! It also did not curl my lashes, as it's supposed to. If you never deal with heat or humidity and mascara never smudges on you, it might work. Based on my own experience, I wouldn't recommend it.

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Benefit's They're Real Mascara is my absolute favorite.  I also use their Instant Brow Pencil.  Both of these were purchased at different times on HSN's free shipping Beauty Day promotions.  Nothing induces me to try new products more than free shipping with no minimums.  Easy Pay just doesn't do it for me, free shippng does. I've tried some of their TS kits but haven't been happy with the lip or cheek products for reasons stated in above posts. 

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I haven't bought any Benefit in years but I did always like their cream eyeshadows. Their blushes are always popular. Their Real mascara is nice but I like others just as well but for less cost. I havn't tried their Roller mascara. I never was a fan of their benetints, especially on lips- too watery and drying imo. But they have a cult following.