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Just saw that Beekman is/will be sold in Ulta.  Like some of their products, but wonder how all of the needed product for yet more distribution, will still be produced by residential employees in Sharon Springs?  Hoping like so many other product lines, growth does not equal loss of quality.  I mean that is a lot of goat milk!  

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@angelove Long before Beekman's showed up on QVC, I was able to  buy many of their products in a local shop on Long Island.  I've liked goat milk products even before they started their business, but I could not tell you the name of the companies I've used nor do I know how adding Ulta to Beekman's distribution sources will affect their availability.  Hopefully they have worked this out ahead of time.  WE just can guess the goats won't appear in Ulta any time soon!

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My Ulta had a few products but the last time I was in (and I am not a frequent customer) I saw nothing of theirs in store.Smiley Sad

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Most Beekman products have been on Amazon for years, too. 

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Ulta started carrying some of the Beekman skincare products maybe two years ago?  It was certainly before the pandemic.

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I have found that Beekman's facial wipes dry my skin which surprised me so never again will I buy them.  Beauty companies that decide to sell their products at say ULTA or Sephora never offer their whole line especially if it is a large one. 

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Re: Beekman….

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I don't believe all of their products are made Sharon Springs. On one of the Beekman web pages, they have the following statement in the coding of the page. "This collection includes all of the Beekman goods made in Sharon Springs, NY State, and the rest of America." You can't see this on the page, but it shows up on Google.


In their FAQ it says, "100% of our Beauty products are made in the USA. A lot of our artisan pieces are made within 100 miles from Sharon Springs." I guess there's no way for customers to know in which state(s) different products are made. I think it's been quite a while since their neighbors have wrapped soap around the dining room table.



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