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Their soap seems to last me forever.  Based on that I have enough to last me years.  Although that's a great price for the 4 pack, I'll only get more if it's in a set with some other products I would like, like body and hand creams.  And I expect I'll gift some too.


@deeva What $5 coupon are you finding for HSN?  Probably not good on my acccount but worth trying.

Certain customers received a coupon code good for this month for $5 off on every purchase of $20 or more. I see it on the top of the Home Page, and I also received a post card in the mail with the code. it is non transferrable to those who for some reason didnt get it. 

Thanks @Shelbelle.  Good on every purchase this month is a lot!  But I did have one last year that I was able to use for months, so I can't complain.