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Re: Beauty Review Websites

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These are the rcosmetic eview sites I like most:

Makeup artist site, leaning mostly toward MAC Cosmetics.



Reviews are trustworthy, as are most of their forums (makeup, nailpolish, skincare board, food & recipe forum, etc).



Great resource! Her reviews are good, though I do not always agree; but what I love most zre her Comparison Swatch searches! Her Foundation Shade Finder ks also perfect! You enter in your favorite brand/line and shade, and you can find a close shade match in another brand or line.




Nail Polish:

ThePolishAholic swatches!

YouTube LIVE ° nail polish swatches & reviews are also great! There are many vloggers doing these now.


Vampy Varnish reviews


Makeupalley product review area, and their nail polish forum.





I will have to check out Beautypedia! 

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Although I have never had a problem with any supposed conflict of interest between Paula's Choice and Beautypedia, it is a moot now that she is not longer the primary person behind the brand. And not only that, but TPTB separated the Paula's Choice site and Beautypedia several months ago.

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One big problem I have with Beautypedia is they are always behind in reviewing products. They will have a product listed that was discontinued 2 years ago, and then not post products that were introduced 2 years ago. They have whole beauty lines missing that they have never reviewed. 

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Essential Day Spa is another place to look for reviews, however, I find it difficult navigate and I get confused over there. There is a lot of info on this site.

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Thanks wannabeincall, about Temptalia's foundation shade finder. That is something I can certainly use, especially since I do most of my makeup buying online.

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A really fun youtube channel to watch is Jen Luvs Reviews.  She's so informative, shows pics, videos, lets you know the most current news in the beauty industry - a Makeup Minute every weekday and an hour long What's Up in Makeup on Sunday.  


She's a very unbiased, informative and sweet girl.  I watch her vids every day.