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Any one watch Nikki Tutorials ?

I was shocked and i really mean shocked that she came out as Trans. She was being blackmailed and decided to tell her story on her channel. Sometimes you might think someone is different , but in her case i would never have guessed. it's too bad she had to , but she wasn't going to be blackmailed. It was quite an interesting story.

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Re: Any one watch Nikki Tutorials ?

No problem being who you are as long as you own it..never works to try to keep that secret.Good for you Nikki squash those pests.

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Re: Any one watch Nikki Tutorials ?

Blackmailing someone is considered a crime. I would have reported it if it happened to me. No one should be forced to do anything they don't feel comfortable with , especially when it involves blackmail.

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Re: Any one watch Nikki Tutorials ?

That explains a lot about her makeup.


She's a beautiful woman but the coverage she uses is so heavy and the makeup so over the top.


I just watched her new video and that's one of the most lovely and natural looks I've seen her do in ages.


It's awful that someone blackmailed her into coming out when she wasn't expecting to do so. Whoever did that is truly awful.


Nikkie is someone a lot of people look up to and I'm sure her story will help a lot of people going through the same thing, so good for her for taking control.

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Re: Any one watch Nikki Tutorials ?

I've seen a few of her videos. She did a colab awhile back with Too Faced (I think).

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