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Can anyone recommend a good hydrating night cream for dry skin?   Must be cruelty free.  TIA

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My favorites are Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream, Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. and Elemis Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix. I don't know the cruelty-free status of those, so you'll need to check.


Before you invest in a cream, also make sure your cleanser and other products aren't drying. I've noticed that it doesn't matter how hydrating my moisturizer is if my cleanser strips my skin or my toner is full of alcohol denat.

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Re: Night Cream

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Look into the PRAI BEAUTY line sold on HSN - her entire line is Leaping Bunny status - ZERO CRUELTY the entire way from beginning to end...and it's dang good stuff I must say.

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Dr. Denese dream cream

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Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream


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@Bridgegal  I have been using and it has made a difference in the hydration of my skin and the softness.  It's Rose Hydration moisturizer by Fresh.  If you never ordered from them before you can receive 15% off for signing up for emails.  It's $42 for 1.6 oz. and lasts a long time as it spreads out easily so you don't use much.  It leaves this barrier on the skin hydrating for 24 hours.  I alternate with Tarte's Maracuja oil.  I do not care for multiple products on my skin.  One at a time for me. and receive discount or Nordstrom sells it free shpg. & returns.  I am not sure how much you have to spend to get free shpg. at Fresh.

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@Alison Wonderland 



Good point. How does one know?

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My niece gave me a lip balm by Fresh and I loved it.   BUT, although they don't test on animals in the US where many of their products are made they do import for sale in China and China requires that they submit their products for animal testing there before they can sell there.


Sorry, that is not good enough for me.  They claim to be working hard and dedicated to eliminating testing yet the sales in China apparently are more important to them than carrying out their work to ban animal testing.  So, no Fresh purchases from me.  

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I use a 10% glycolic acid cream (Alpha Skin Care). That kind of acid is the kind that attracts and holds moisture. The glycolic acid penetrates the skin, boosts collagen and gently exfoliates away discolorations over time. My skin glows in the morning and it looks bright, alive.