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Another NuFace?? .. ("Fine Line Smoothing?")

NuFACE -  The Fix Line Smoothing Device & Serum 

(#A553812 - A/D) < Link >....


Wasnt a "Fine Line" tip included in the prior TSV NuFACE recently?     (no longer listed?)

Is this NuFACE  needed?


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Re: Another NuFace?? .. ("Fine Line Smoothing?")

I have this and it didn't do a thing but vibrate on my skin. It's not strong enough to make a difference imo. I'd stick with the nuface or nuface mini.  The serum on its own it's very expensive and it irritated my face. 

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Re: Another NuFace?? .. ("Fine Line Smoothing?")

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I had it also.  It stopped worked after 6 months.  It didn't do a thing for me. There were many negative reviews with same issue stopped charging, would not power up, etc.