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Judging by the responses here, I'm guessing very few people have dog houses any more.  Maybe they're a thing of the past.



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What was even more unsettling than the goats was during an HSN show they had goats and one of the Beekmans was in a claw foot tub surrounded by lather 🙈. A publicly stunt they could have done without 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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@bmorechick wrote:

While the goats were cute, they are outside animals and belong in a barn or outside. Same with the dogs Chaz brings. Nice dogs but seriously? Leave them home or with a pet sitter.  We grew up with dogs, but the dog stayed outside in most weather, except for rain, snow or bitter cold. They had a nice dog house and when inside, stayed in the laundry room.No roaming the house or up on furniture.  They are animals...not people or children. Omg what next...

My family's golden retriever never spent a night outside.  She spent a lot time outdoors.  Lots of walks.  Lots of playing and people watching outside.  But she spent a lot of time indoors with the family.  She had her own pet bed and enjoyed interacting with us.  Why have a pet if it spends all its time outside or in a back room? It's cruel in my opinion to leave a dog or pet outside in extreme heat or cold.

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I think the animals MAKE the show. 😊
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Picture of goat poop.















No big deal.





The Sky looks different when you have someone you love up there.
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I would prefer hanging out with goats over people any day of the week.