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Animals as beauty inspo ;)

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Animals - and kids - have natural beauty to be inspired by.  

Plus visual aids do help hairstylists.  ;-)



‘Perfect picture to show your hairdresser’:  

Student posts image of her dog's EAR and its ‘beachy waves and caramel highlights’ wow the internet


  • English Springer Spaniel, Ruger, belongs to university student Kerbie Gibbs
  • She missed her pooch and asked her brother to send her a photo of her dog
  • In it the spaniel's wavy auburn and caramel highlights look like hairdressing perfection
  • The picture has since been re-tweeted nearly 200,000 times 

An adorable pooch has become an unexpected online source of hairdressing inspiration.


Ruger, an eight-month-old English Springer Spaniel, belongs to 21-year-old Kerbie Gibbs.


Kerbie, a student at Marshall University in West Virginia, was missing her puppy and asked her younger brother, Kaleb, to send her the latest pictures of Ruger.


Kerbie's family adopted English Spaniel Ruger when he was just a little puppy 

Kaleb then sent her a photo of Ruger happily resting on the front porch.


But what really impressed Kerbie was her dog's absolutely flawless ear hair.


She tweeted: 'My dog's ear is like the perfect picture to show your hairdresser if you want the beachy waves and caramel highlights'.


Her tweet has since gone viral, and been favorited more than 666,000 times.

Eight-month-old Ruger likes 'running around aimlessly for hours' outside 

Kerbie told Buzzfeed News: '[Ruger] has been spending a lot of time in the sun, so his fur got tons of natural highlights.


'He's an outdoors dog, so he's always running around aimlessly for hours, which usually involves getting covered in dirt and mud. It really seems to do the trick for his hair though.


Kerbie's tweet triggered plenty of similar responses on Twitter 


'My family and I usually hose him off after a long day. He loves it. No special techniques.'


The photo has triggered plenty of like-for-like response on Twitter, with dog owners posting their pets' luscious locks.  


Kerbie said that she and her family were thankful that so many people had bonded over Ruger's perfect hair. 

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Re: Animals as beauty inspo ;)

Love it!!!  And I love the color too!

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Re: Animals as beauty inspo ;)

@feline groovy to me, nothing is more beautiful and perfect than animals. Heart

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Re: Animals as beauty inspo ;)

Beautiful dog. My Golden has beach waves, too!HeartWoman Happy

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Re: Animals as beauty inspo ;)

I loved this Ellen bit...ahhh, the elusive 'smoky eye'.