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I had a boss take himself to the ER one morning while he thought he was having a heart attack. He was. He called the office where I answered the phone to tell me he thought he was having a heart attack so he was on his way to the ER? He ran off the road into someone's yard. He stopped when he hit their house? That was about 2 blocks from the hospital. He was fine after they did surgery. He did die from a heart attack years later. 

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I have driven myself to the ER and so has my husband.  People do it all of the time.


I see no issues if the employee wanted to drive themself.  Not everyone wants their boss or co-workers to know their business.


Every person has a right to privacy.  You cannot force a person to get medical care and you can't force them to    " not go alone."


Some emergencies situations do not stop you from driving.


Really, what choice did the supervisor have?  My take...MYOB.

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I am thinking when I was working my boss wouldn't have let me do that because of liability. If they wanted privacy they could have been dropped off at the ER and then the driver could leave.

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@ Black Cat Back  wrote:

This particular employee has had a reputation of taking advantage. Her attendance record is suspect and she violated her FMLA leave at one time.



is it possible with the employee's reputation the supervisor didn't believe her complaints so she wasn't that concerned ? just sayin.  Also the employer can't force the employee to be taken to the ER by the Employer if she doesn't want to do that unless the employee is clearly unable to drive herself and in that case I would think they would call an ambulance. It's the employee's decision as to whether to go to the ER or a Urgent Care if they are mentally stable and able to drive themself. I worked in a Hospital for many years and I have seen people come in for a simple cold and they were treated of course. JMO     

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If I had a questionable work background in my former Corporate job, they would have asked me the next day for some type of paperwork from the ER.
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Another thing that may be worth adding, is the cost of an ambulance too.  Not everyone has great insurance.


I knew someone who slipped and fell in a store.  They weren't even really injured.  However, the store took it upon themselves to call an ambulance. They also said they'd pay for it, but never did!  She was stuck with a bill for over $800!  It would've cost her more to hire an attorney had she chosen to sue.

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This goes to show ya... don't lie at work.


One of the coworkers on her list to "let them know I had to leave"  was at lunch when this occurred and when she got back and read the email about this fellow coworker needing to go to the ER, she was confused.


She was in the drive-thru at Taco Bell and this coworker was in the car ahead of her.  Apparently she needed a burrito and some nachos before going to the ER!


Her supervisor has been informed.   Tomorrow should be an interesting day.  I bet she calls out sick.



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@Black Cat Back  Can you please please please report back to us what happens tomorrow

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@Black Cat Back wrote:

I'm not saying if she is telling the truth or not, but this happened at work, not at home.  If I was the supervisor, I would have made sure she got there safely in any way possible, even if I had to follow her on her way there to make sure she got there, I would have done so.



@Black Cat Back  everyone has someone they could call in an emergency. I would not have wanted anyone from work to accompany me.


By the way, I knew someone who drove herself to the hospital when her water broke. No one knew about it until she called and said she had the baby.


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@I am still oxox wrote:

@Black Cat Back  Can you please please please report back to us what happens tomorrow



Will do!    Should be a rather interesting day.