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Where to sell clothing?

I have two leather jackets that I never got a chance to wear. They are too small. What's the best way to sell them? Ebay? I don't have an account though. Any thoughts?

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

since they are still brand new, maybe a consignment shop? 

have any friends that might like them?

you could always do a ad in the shopper/nickle saver paper.  

personally we sell lots of stuff of craigslist, but clothing no matter how nice, is not a hot seller on the second hand market. 

Or you could take the tax deduction, and donate. 

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

You may want to try Poshmark. Lots of traffic on there for that type of product, more so than eBay.

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

I recently heard about an App called Poshmark where you can buy and sell clothing and accessories. I have no experience with it, but maybe someone here has, or you could google it.

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

I have made quite a bit of money selling my unused or gently used clothing at local consignment shops. Much easier than trying to sell online.

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

I used to have an Ebay store many years ago and it's a lot of work to photograph & list your items.  You also have to figure out can of course be done but when I sold some of my clothing (and accessories) recently I went to my local consignment shop.  I plan on using them again in the future.

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

Consignment shop.  Possibly, Craigslist.  Depends on how old they are, Etsy, sells vintage.  Yard sale, but you won't get much for them.  Ebay is a good one.  It isn't difficult to open an account...a bit more involved than buying.  

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

Go online (eBay, Craig’s List, etc) to get an idea what is the

market price.  I’m betting you’ll be shock of how little you’ll get

in return....even with never-worn items.  The marketplace is

just too saturated with resell. By the time it’s all said & done,

the profit margin is so small, donation might be a better choice. 

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

Before we moved I got rid of a TON of clothes, dresses, shoes and purses, some never worn (or worn once).

I did not have the time or energy to deal with online sales. 

I gave some items to a consignment store that sells items to raise money for breast cancer patients. 

Some items went to an animal charity to auction and the rest to a local ebay seller that was selling items to raise money for a local family in need.


I was happy to see it all go!

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Re: Where to sell clothing?

My grandkids use Facebook Marketplace quite a bit with good results.