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Now this is downright funny! 😅  Pretty easy to believe also.  


hckynut 🇺🇸

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Too sad!             





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Re: What Is A Book?

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But yet


They can ban and burn a book.


And they can delete it from your E Reader to ban it.


Either way they can take it away and that is the shame of it.  A book can become extinct.


But it is tangible.  When you buy a book it is your book and something real you can hold and keep.


Taking a child to a bookstore to purchase their very own first book is a wonderful experience, just as getting their first library card to borrow books.




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That's a good one!

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@Foxxee - Thanks for posting this! So funny, but unfortunately so true!

And no one can "track" you when you read one!    Smiley Happy

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So funny, but true @Foxxee .