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I recently read that only nine percent of the population is left-handed. I found it interesting because my grandfather, both my brother and sister, my nephew and my husband are all left-handed.

 Leonardo Da Venci was left-handed too. Are there left-handed members in your family?

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My dad, sister and son were all.left-handed.  Dad made a big deal out of it and loved to tease people he met about it.  It was like a bond between them.

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DS is a lefty and is a creative.


My former FIL, also a lefty was a musician.

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Both my husband and I are south paws.

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Re: Are You Left-Handed?

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@occasionalrain  My son and I are left handed. 

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Another south paw here. There is no history of left handed people in my family. Guess I broke the mold! LOL!

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My husband and I write with our wrists bent over the paper top-down. Do you do that? Also, we both print a lot better than we write cursive.

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@occasionalrain  I recently heard that everyone is born right-handed and only the exceptionally gifted overcome it. Smiley Happy

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My husband is left handed and is an exceptional musician and very handy. 


 My father, who was born right--handled, had an accident that left his right hand permanently disabled,  went on to become a skilled optician and wrote with his left hand beautifully.



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Me!  I had  a hard time learning how to tie my show laces.  And how to cut hair back when I thought I wanted to be a hair stylist.  I always thought I was COOL though because I was the only one.  And then I looked into itt and found all the famous left handed folk,  When I was in 5th grade, the substitute teacher tried tdo change me.  How dare she!!   She was a real witch.