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@annabellethecat wrote:

My daughter is here from Denver (been here now over 4 months).


She has totally 'reorganized' my house, cleaned it and gotten rid of QVC stuff I've never even opened, etc.


She's leaving later in the week so we are down to the wire as far as getting a housekeeper (or whatever they're called).


I've agreed to having someone come in once a week to vacuum, dust but not much more.


I'm very independent but since I broke my back I've had to step back a little.  I'm still in tremendous pain.


I quit work when my (now) 47 year old daughter was born.  


My late husband used to tell me I should hire a housekeeper but I'd say, "I don't work.  Keeping the house and taking care of our girls IS my job".  I'd feel useless.


I think I'm still in that mold.  I know some of you understand how frustrating it is when there have been some major changes in our lives due to age and medical issues.


I have always enjoyed coming here to QVC because I feel like I'm surrounded with "like" women.  


As I say that, I also love the fact that as similar we are is how different we are.  I've learned so much from everyone here.


So.....(I know..finally) seeing that some of you have housekeepers makes me feel a little better about hiring one.


I'm still active and do most things myself.  I do hate (like the original poster) to vacuum and dust.  My back says no, no to the twisting of the vacuum.


Thanks again all of you sweet ladies.

I'm sorry that you are in pain from your back, Annabell. I hope you feel much better soon. I never wanted a cleaning lady for the same reasons but since my son moved back in with us I felt like I needed some help and got a cleaning lady. It was working

out fine until this virus and I cancelled her. Right now I'm waiting for the delivery of a Roomba which was highly recommended on this forum. If you don't like to vacuum it might be the answer for you.










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Boy am I lucky!!! My husband cleans the bathroom and does the vaccumiing in the downstairs gameroom.  He can't sit still.  He started when he retired and hasn't stopped.  I do the cooking and dishes, dusting.

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I'm in a new house that doesn't need much cleaning.   I clean as I go, but need about 1 hour, once a week, to dust, vacuum, and do the two bathrooms (uesd to have three). 

I clean the kitchen at the end of each day now.  

So easy.  I wouldn't need to hire anyone here.  She'd spend more time commuting than she would spend here! 

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When I worked, Saturday morning was when I cleaned and did laundry. Now I do a quick clean six days a week. Deep cleaning is done in Spring, then in November when we decorate for Christmas, and in late January when we pack it away. I rearrange furniture when we deep clean.

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I have always worked outside the home and I hate housework.  I have not done housework since I have been 28 years old - many, many years ago.


I feel by working 40 hours a week the last thing I wanted to do was houseclearning on weekends.  Weekends were my free time.


I have had someone to clean for me all my life.  Now I don't  work and still don't feel like doing housework.  I have been lucky and always found a reliable trustworthy person to clean.  The longest worked for me for 23 years until she retired. Mine was the last house she gave up when she retired completely; she always enjoyed comng here.   My current cleaner has been with me for the past 10 years.

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How much does it  generally cost ,maybe for once a month?

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@MalteseMomma wrote:

How much does it  generally cost ,maybe for once a month?

@MalteseMomma  Cost varies greatly by the area you live in, the size of your house, what you expect them to do and whether you use a service or someone on their own. 


I pay my bi-weekly person $60 each visit...she mops, dusts, vacuums, cleans the bathrooms & kitchen (very well!), and puts clean sheets on the bed. I strip the bed before she comes to let it air a bit, and put those sheets in the washer. She puts them in the dryer, then folds and puts them away. She even scoops the litter box when she's there! My house is about 2200 square feet, 2 bathrooms. I live in South Carolina.


Recommended Christmas bonus is (I think) an amount equal to one cleaning. My housekeeper gets about 4 times that amount at Christmas...and she's worth every penny to me!

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@vermint I totally agree with you.  When I taught and we had two small children, between cleaning on Saturday and church on Sunday, I had no free time at all and stayed exhausted.


Having the house cleaned gave my life back to me!  I'm still with the same group.  Now the owner has handed the business over to her daughter that used to assist her during the summer.


They come twice a month, clean and change the sheets.

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I was taking care of my elderly mother with dementia and decided that housecleaning was something I needed to "outsource." Oh my gosh how wonderful it was! A team of two ladies -- same team every two weeks -- came to do everything exept windows, curio cabinets, and linens. I loved it even at $125 for the team. They were in and out in 2 hours and worked hard. Our house is 2800+ square feet and I had them do every room except for one guest room.


Then COVID. They haven't been back since March and they still aren't in operation. Here in TX we have a 20% positivity rate so I think my days of professional housecleaners are over. SIGH


Mom is in a residential care home now but I still would love to have cleaning ladies just for me!

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I'll be taking it at my own pace, but today, I'm doing or planning a major house cleaning.